Monday, August 02, 2010

My Amazing Mom and My Stupendous Children

My Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. We did crafts with the kids and hung out - it doesn't get better than that. Um, yeah - I do look like my Mom!!

The necklace in this post is my salt shaker necklace, which I wrote about here. Interesting, this is my second salt/pepper shaker craft - might have to make an index of them soon.

One thing we did this weekend is help K achieve her vision. She  has been having me save the stems of her push pops. She said they would make a good craft and then she said she thought they would make great wheels.

She is right!! They did. Her little vehicle uses four push pop stems, one tin can (from loose leaf tea), and three plastic lids. It also incorporated google eyes and pipe cleaners. The can we found that worked with her axles was already wrapped with map paper since I intended to make a gift box out of it. I rather like the idea of map paper - his own built in gps!! ;)

 We also made five different t-shirts with the girls and my Mom. Unfortunately (after three successes) the girls bleach t-shirts bled under the stencils and didn't turn out this time but mine turned out so here it is!!

Note: You can find the tutorial for these t-shirts by Fawnda at Fireflies and Jellybeans

The text reads "In the beginning was the Word..." I love it!! And my husband likes it too. I would like to share that I've lost more weight but it seems I am at a plateau at the moment. I get bummed but then I have to remind myself that 25lbs is a goodly amount and that I can run four miles easily and that if I persist it will come off.

I am also wearing my hat I made last week and my fish necklace that uses tackle (I wrote about the necklace here).

There is an involved explanation for why we don't celebrate the girl's birthdays with my parents but I won't bore you with it. What we do celebrate is their Unbirthday. We usually celebrate it in the middle of the summer so that it occurs between their Memorial Day and Labor Day birthdays.

Among the many incredible gifts that they received from my Mom are the pajamas that she made them. They were made from a pattern her Mom used to sew for her when she was little. She made the girls matching pajamas for their American Girl dolls.

While I was shooting the pajamas, I decided to try to get a head shot for a future project. I liked how these two shots turned out.

They reveal a lot about the girls' personalities.

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  1. What precious pictures. Showing a real good time!
    Just threw two notes with your name on it in the big giveaway bowl.
    Wishing you a happy Monday. I'm off to bed.. xx

  2. I love it when my parents visit and visiting them too! Everyone says I look like my dad and always have! That black and white picture is fabulous!

  3. Sounds like an awesome week :)

    You made loads! I love K's car.. it's great when the kids have their own vision for a craft and you can help them achieve it..

    My mum & I are pretty much the same when we get together.. crafty crafty!

  4. The t-shirt looks great and the idea with the pushpop lids is adorable!

  5. We had family visit too this weekend...we played a game that my FIL made, which I will share sometime and we went fishing and ate a lot...had a great I like when family comes too. So nice to see a picture of you:) The necklace looks great!

  6. Gosh, you take some lovely pictures of your daughters. Love the push pop toy too, looks like a lot of fun!!

  7. First things first.... I love your photography. I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photographic eye.

    All your talk about salt & pepper shakers has me smilin from ear to ear because a few years back I took a trip to TN with my parents and daughter where we toured the largest salt & pepper shaker museum!!! Okay so I'm sure it's the largest but can you image a whole museum {small warehouse} of nothing but salt & pepper shakers????