Friday, March 18, 2011

Snowmen, Lambs, and Lions

As you may know, we visited my in-laws for Christmas. Both of my husband's parents are collectors - they have a huge house and it is stuffed to capacity. My MIL likes to decorate, especially for Christmas. She is fond of snowmen and collects them. However, she likes button nose snowmen not carrot nose. Do you know that of the close to a hundred snowmen in her house only a handful have non-carrot noses?

I plan to remedy that for her birthday (in September) this year. Here are our first snowmen - these are made from craft sticks and wooden discs. WARNING: You will be seeing snowmen regularly and often this year.

K's is the one with a wreath. C's has a broom. Mine sports earmuffs.

Guess what!! It is another puzzle craft. The girls made these reversible lion and lamb hangings for March.


  1. The lamb/lion pendant with puzzles is a cute idea!

  2. Gorgeous smiles those two little girls have...I'm sure they had a lot of fun making these adorable lamb/lion pals :)

  3. Another great idea for puzzle pieces, those turned out really cute.

  4. Love the lion and lamb! Those are puzzle pieces? Brilliant!