Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puzzling Gift Boxes

These boxes are very large. They are pizza boxes from pizza kits (the kits are plastic wrapped so the boxes are very clean).

I was thrilled when I found a page layout in a coffee table map book that had a scene that matched this puzzle.

This puzzle was the inspiration for the series. I've been meaning to use this puzzle on a box for a very long time. The foundation papers are from a dictionary that I've been using forever and haven't made a dent in the number of pages left in it.

I found this adorable Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary that I thought would make great box paper. I thought this retro puzzle would be cute with it. Lo and behold - hoarder of the universe even has obnoxious orange lace and brilliant teal ribbon to set of the retroesque whimsy.


  1. These are so cool! I love the retro kids one especially!

  2. I love how you used part of the puzzle for the lid! They look really neat.

  3. I agree with Michelle. What a great idea to use your old puzzles as decorative elements on these boxes!

  4. Your creativity is such a delight and inspiration, Melissa! Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  5. Very, very cool boxes--I love watching your mind work, Melissa!