Friday, June 04, 2010

flowers, fairies, and plbt

So I embroidered the fairy on this skirt for K and she had to wear it today. Guess what, the skirt is too big and the tie is fake (no I didn't make the skirt, I bought it). No time to take it in so off she goes to school - hope it doesn't fall off.

The butterfly lace is to cover some weak places in the fabric. I love how the fairy turned out but the skirt - ugh!!

But K looks cute.

This morning it was overcast and we had early morning showers. I had been working on the photos from a shoot since 5:30 so some relaxation was in order so what else would I do but take pictures of my flowers.

The poppies have started blooming.


Doesn't the knot in the fence look like a wolf's eye gazing at you?

Some of the fancier iris and the Dutch iris are still blooming.

Columbine - first time I've had it in my yard.

The wild thing about columbine is that you can get two different colored flowers on the same plant!!

I love black and white!!

Pink yarrow - if you don't like invasive, don't plant it.

If you like impossible to kill, pink, and carefree - plant it.

I am so plbt - you would think I had a memory disorder rather than anger issues and depression struggles. I can't believe how often I forget my Zoloft. If you've had Zoloft you know the half-life is short so crashes are hard and fast.


I know I had something else to share but I guess I will do it later today when I post my last tin can project (I was going to be done with projects for the Iron Crafter but I decided I really wanted to do these).

sigh - off to get the girls from school...i hope they are happier than yesterday.

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  1. At least she can wear the skirt in the future...and the embroidery is lovely. My Sis would love it. She's really into the color fairy books.

  2. Wonderful flower photos.
    I do hope the skirt stayed put, too!

  3. The skirt looks lovely, love the fairy and the butterflies. Your flowers/photos are beautiful. I've been photographing flowers too. I have loads of what you call Columbine - we call them Grannies' bonnets! I love them, mine are mostly done flowering now tho, they flowered early this year. My heart goes out to you with the other stuff, I know those feelings. We have a saying here in england - chin up old chap!

  4. I hope her skirt stayed where it should :-) It looked really cute in the pictures.

    Your photography is amazing! Love the pictures you share. And, the flowers look incredible!

    Great job.
    Happy Weekend!

  5. I love the idea of embroidering such whimsy on children's clothes- hadn't ever thought of that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The embroidery is beautiful, as are the flowers ( and the photos)

  7. That embroidery is just lovely. What a pretty little fairy. And I really enjoyed your flower pictures. So pretty and refreshing.

  8. The skirt is so sweet! Beautiful photos of your flowers--I love the black & white too!

  9. Anonymous6:52 AM

    The flower photos are stunning. I liked the photo of the poppy that was from the side/the one just above the twins. It has a luminous quality. I also like the black and whites too.

  10. Adorable and the photos are beautiful.