Friday, June 04, 2010

CAN't Plan for Christmas too Early

One last submission to the Iron Crafter Competition. Tin can lid ornaments.

I saw these in the first (I think) issue of Mary Jane's Farm magazine. My Mom has the issue.

When I decided to make these I looked on the internet for instructions. Not much to be found. The only thing I found was what appeared to be a scan from an old craft book (say sixties or seventies probably - it had instructions for making an entire Christmas tree from fringe tin cans). So, I winged it.

These are pretty simple. I didn't make a pattern for these I just make them up as I went a long.

Start making cuts that divide the lid into quarters without cutting all the way through it. Make as many additional cuts as you want for the segments of your decorations. Then it is entirely up to you. You can fringe it or you can just shape it.

One thing the old book said that I found true is quick snips cause the tin to curl and slow snips tend to lie much flatter.

Use a pliers to curl and shape the segments.

If you want to stack layers just use a good adhesive. If these are intended for indoors only, hot glue will be fine but if you think you want to hang them outside (I want to use them for outdoor decorations this winter) use a more durable adhesive.

Drill a hole or use a nail to punch a hole for the hanger.

A set of three tin snips (one for straight cuts, one for right turn cuts, and one for left turn cuts( can be bought at Walmart for under fifteen dollars.

Use proper safety precautions. Leather gloves are often recommended when working with tin.It is also wise to make sure your tetanus shot is up to date.

While I am showing what can be done with can lids here are some recent juice can lid gift tags that I made.

And while I am at it a some favorites from the distant past.

The first one. These are made with lids for juice concentrate, double=sided tape, and microbeads.

For my sister A.

I made these for my sister R, the one to the right is supposed to be taken as a joke, not literally.

I made these two for my MIL. The teapot says cherish and the two teacups say share.


Check out my collection of Tin Can Crafts for inspiration!!


  1. I am loving your tin snowflakes! Love snowflakes in any incarnation anyway .. yours look kinda industrial .. very cool

  2. Hi Melissa, What a great project, I love how the tin can ornaments came out! I also love what you did with the lids, what a really cute idea! Thank you for sharing. And yes, you should make a hosta and iris arrangement, I can't wait to see what design you come up with. Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my Garden Delight really brought me pleasure to design this table with the garden tool centerpiece! I like trying to do unique displays with flowers; however, I don't think the pictures captured the centerpiece as well as I wished. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh my gosh...these are fabulous! I am going to start collecting my cans now...I can picture these on my tree. This is a fun competition.

  4. I agree, you can't plan for Christmas too early :-)

    Those ornaments look fantastic! Wow. Great work!

  5. Lovely, Melissa. It's hard to believe they are from a can.

  6. I love the ideas. I am doing a Christmas table decorating contest in December and you are suppose to give gifts to those that bought seats to your table. I amn thinking I might make something like this. Thanks.

  7. Melissa, I love Mary Janes Farm Magazine...and I love your interpretation of these ornaments! They are fantastic. My Grandmother did things like this as a craft and she always rolled all the edges. I think it took her a good long time to do that.

  8. Very cute. It's hard to think of Christmas in June. Maybe we need some July 4th ornamentation. :) Lisa~

  9. Those are totally cool. I love your tags too. Congrats on starting a blog for your photography. I'm heading over to take a look! :)


  10. Anonymous9:02 PM

    They are all so beautiful. I particularly love those that are clipped. They remind me of flowers. I love them, and I'm going to follow you. I invite you to do the same!

  11. Very cute and clever! The tin ornaments are so unique and the juice lids are lovely with their different themes. Love them! And yes, I am thinking of Christmas already, too.