Tuesday, June 08, 2010

blue eyes and me

I don't know the last time, I've had a picture of myself I like. Being at least seventy-five pounds over weight and struggling with thinning hair makes me insecure about my appearance. Today, however, I got a wonderful photo of me and K from a former teacher. She took it two weeks ago when they had firemen visit the school and the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes were together.

What really struck me is how blue my eyes are. When I was a child, I remember people commenting on my beautiful blue eyes and my wonderfully thick hair. In fact, I found out years after our marriage that one of the physical attributes that my husband first described to his Mom was my beautiful blue eyes.

With a pudgy face my eyes don't appear so big and lovely as they once were and what struck me is that my girls really do have my eyes.

Intellectually I knew it but now I see it. L gave me a gift when she sent me a photo - a bigger gift than she might have realized.

Speaking of overweight. I've managed to lose eleven pounds since the beginning of May and am considering applying to be a contestant at Win, Lose, or Blog after my summer insanity (the month of June) passes. Most of the weight loss would be due to running. I've successfully cut down consumption but have issues with binging every ten days or so.


  1. Congrats on the 11 lb weight loss, that is great!

    I know how hard it is to see yourself in pictures. However you are right, your daughter will treasure that photo much more than you'll realize.

    I struggle with insecurity and phototaking too, I blogged about it not that long ago:

  2. You've got a great start. I did really well losing weight to my half-way point...and then Easter hit, I started another job, and life got crazy. Thanks for the inspiration to get back on the horse. :)

  3. You are very beautiful...eyes and all.
    And yes, you daughter most certainly does have your eyes.

  4. Me too. 75 lbs. over-weight and practically bald on top.

    I want to blame it on all the stress-eating I did this past year. Oh, and diabetes. And let's not forget hormones, or the lack thereof.

    It's very hard.

    And I am very whiny about it.

    I do okay for two weeks, and then for two weeks I barely care about anything.

    You DO have lovely eyes, and your daughter will cherish that picture, I am sure.

  5. Way to go on your big weight loss...that's really remarkable and you should be VERY proud. Gotta admit Melissa, I'm jealous! This is a beautiful photo of the two of you!

  6. Anonymous9:15 PM

    You have pretty eyes!! I have blue also!!

    I have had tummy problems for over a year now. Colitis and then after my daughter's wedding in Nov. Not my recommendation for weight loss but it has worked!

  7. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Good job Melissa. Great picture of you and Kira. Love you

  8. That is a lovely photo of you and your daughter, and she certainly does have your striking blue eyes!

    Congrats and continued success on the weight loss.

  9. That is a lovely photo of you two Melissa, beautiful blue-eyed girls! (my daughter inherited my partner's blue eyes and my son inherited my brown eyes!)

  10. You both look wonderful... hang in there and refer back to this when you are feeling down!

  11. ((Melissa)) ~ You are beautiful - inside and out. Congratulations on losing weight; that always feels so wonderful. I'm so impressed that you run (my knees just can't take it!).

    Thinning hair - I feel your pain. Mine suddenly started thinning (noticeable to me but not others) after I had Joshua. I don't normally lose *any* hair while pregnant and then lose all that extra hair starting when baby is about 3 months until they're about 6 months old. Then it levels off to regular daily loss. But after Josh it just didn't want to level off. Then I had Jon. My hair thickened during pregnancy, but again I just lost and lost and lost hair after I had him.

    That started 8 years ago when Josh was born - I was almost 37. I changed my hair style (nothing swept up or away from the face because you can see through it - argh!). Of course, hubby and children did finally see what I was talking about, but they felt like it wasn't odd looking - just different than it used to be. I came to accept it. It finally leveled off (thank You, Lord) about 3 years ago. I have no idea why it started or stopped! When I found out we were expecting Megan I did wonder if after her birth I would start losing hair again and end up bald. But for the first time ever, I lost hair during my pregnancy and never went through the big after pregnancy hair loss. Now - if anything - my hair is thicker than before Megan (though no where near as thick as before Josh).

    Make sure you're taking some vitamins and be careful of the hair products you use. I found some definitely made the loss worse than others. (I usually stick with Pantene and something else ... I think Dove.) *sigh* I wish I had a cure, my dear. This is a thing that really stabs at a woman's heart - especially when it first starts. But don't let it eat at you. You are beautiful! God is in control; He knows the number of hairs on our head. I always tell myself to enjoy what I have in this moment and that if it ever gets horrible, they make fantastic wigs today.