Wednesday, June 09, 2010

hanging towels

Yes, you've seen something that looks like these before. But, I have nothing else to share. We leave later this morning and I wanted to share one last thing before I go. So more hanging towels.

The one above is part of a matched pair that I did for my girl's former dance teacher. She is getting married this summer and everything in her house is black and white.

The day I gave these to her I felt like crap crafter of the universe because I sewed one of them backwards and did not have the time to fix it. I had several other big busts that week and was beginning to wonder why I bothered. Then along came K's halter top and I felt like I could conquer the world!!

These herb ones are for my Mom. I meant to give them to her when I saw her over Memorial Day weekend but do you think I remembered? You guessed it. Nope.

I got this ingenious idea from Get Your Craft On who got it from Trey and Lucy.

Off to Michigan. I will put up my "Looking for a Creative High" parties while I am gone but otherwise I will stay away. I should be posting again on June 20th. Have a good ten days, I will see you again soon.


  1. I love these hanging towels! I've never seen them done quite like that, but how ingenious are you?! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!! We'll see ya when you get back :)

  2. I like these - and I hadn't seen them before so thank you! Have a lovely break and 'see' you on the 20th :)

  3. Your towels look very nice. I haven't seen this idea before. I like how you have them displayed on the wooden dowel. You'll see your mom again, right?

  4. This is adorable Melissa. Love it!!!
    Be sure to check out my blog. I have a sweet giveaway going on. Have a blessed day. Cindy

  5. Enjoy your break, Melissa!

  6. These are soooo cute and handy, too.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie.

  7. Oh i think you look beautiful on the last post!
    I love Kitchen towels!
    A plus. XO

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Those are so unique. You know nothing brightens up a kitchen more than new fresh linens, which reminds me that mine are looking funky and I need to get me some more! By the way -- I'm happy to be your newest follower

  9. I'll miss your comments and posts melissa.
    Have fun!
    I was going to link up to your creative high party but it's not up yet this morning. I'll try to get back later tonight. Do you leave the linky open beyond today? I may not be able to get back until tomorrow morning, as we golf on Friday nights.