Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Funky Denim Skirt

I am came up with the idea for this skirt when I was cutting up fabric for a denim throw. The skirt I was cutting up had some embroidery on the bottom and I was thinking how I could make a skirt for one of the girls incorporating the embroidery.

I decided to use one of C jeans which are getting too short for the waist. Then I did something I am surprised I've not seen others do. Rather than cutting it right above the crotch, I cut it below the crotch so this skirt has built in shorts (I am all about modesty for my two rather wild, rough and tumble girls).

While I was trying to decide where to find some finished fabric for the rest of the hem, I had a bright idea.

I actually rather like how the front turned out. The back where the embroidery is didn't turn out quite the way I expected. I ended up making some tucks that make it look like pants from the back rather than a skirt. I am not sure if I like that or not.

I had fun with this idea and love the surprise factor in it. I would like to experiment with it and make improvements on C's skirt next time. It was super quick, I bet it took less than half an hour to make.

I think that if you made a long skinny skirt it would be fun to add the zipper placket to the back for a kick pleat (for the record, I sewed the zipper closed).


  1. cute idea! I love the skort concept!

  2. I used to make handkerchief tiered peasant skirts (stitch vintage handkerchiefs together) for my girls using jean shorts as the tops. It worked out rather well, though finding similar sized handkerchiefs was trickier than expected and sewing near the zipper without taking out the crotch was tricky-- too often I would make it too low and the material would warp inwards there. I quit making them when the girls just plain got to big but I think they would be the perfect project for you. (Pillow cases also worked well with it.)