Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photo Hunter: Tiny

Teeny-tiny stitches on my husband's eye.

This is a photo of my husband's eye back in November. He had a corneal transplant last August because he suffers from the eye disease keratoconus.

He had a check-up yesterday and they are not as satisfied as they once were with his progress. Hubby has dry eyes and it is inhibiting the healing of his eye. These take eighteen months to two years to heal and it looks as if it will take the long term for hubby.


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Oooo I have a funny thing with eyes...brrrr

    I hope his eyes heal soon that must be difficult and a bit uncomfortable

  2. Oh my! It almost hurts to look at that photo! Poor hubby! I certainly hope the healing takes less time than thought. That is really tough! But, a great shot to fit in with the tiny theme!

  3. Oh my goodness. It obviously looks like it hurts, but it is amazing that they can make those stitches in the first place to me

  4. Those are stitches in his eye! Awesome. I'm sorry he is suffering but I am confident they can fix it. The sooner the better.

  5. Very tiny and very uncomfortable looking. I hate when things take a long time to heal--it makes it feel like it is going to be a problem forever--even if it is in reality only a few years.

  6. I hope it doesn't take as long as he thinks. I love your jars.

    I have a new phone number. I'll have to send that to you. I miss talkin' and I figure I have some splainin' to do. :)

  7. That. Is. Incredible.


    I hope he continues to heal, and that all goes well.