Friday, July 20, 2007

bell jars

I love cloches but am too cheap to buy one. I love floral arrangements but the allergic reactions they cause in hubby and I are enough to drive one insane.

So, I did this and put a floral frog on top for a visual pun.

I have a really gross cold. I probably got my cold while on vacation and it is probably the same one that one of 'us' probably gave my Uncle P (UP from My Tippy). Of course, a cold is a million times worse for him than it is for me. If you would, please pray for a quick recovery for UP.

Here is UP with K. She fell in love with him. UP got a bunch of supplies while we were visiting and he got K to bring all the boxes into his room and help him unload them and stick them on the shelf. She was very serious about her job.

When we visited a dairy farm and took a tour she was very sweet. Once when he got to coughing she called out across the bus "Are you okay Uncle P?" then when he was getting lifted on and she couldn't see him she got worried "We left Uncle P." My favorite though was when we were getting ready to leave - we were nearly the last visitors there and so when she saw Uncle P across the parking lot I let her race to him. It was a like crazy game of chicken.

UP If you don't want this on my blog, let me know - you never answered my email! :)

UP is definitely a lot like my Dad. He is a smart aleck and he has way more wisdom than he sometimes lets on. We had an awesome visit.

While we were there our caterpillar Carl made his change into a butterfly (we brought him along as I knew he would emerge from the cocoon soon). We let him go our first morning. I didn't get any photos but let me tell you, it was cool.


  1. I don't know what a cloche is but what you made is very pretty. I love it when children really enjoy their relatives.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Lovely flower arrangement...don't know what a cloche is either :)

    I loved to read your sweet story about your daughter, I love it when children show love to friends and relatives it makes me go all gooey.

  3. I know what a cloche is! I make my own 'fakes' too. I buy those glass covers that come with round cheese trays. Those can be snatched for about .99 cents at the thrift store.

    I love what you did!

  4. Very fun idea. Love the story about the kids with their relatives.

  5. Very cute idea for the flower arrangement.

    And lovely story about your visit with Uncle P.