Monday, July 23, 2007

I still sound like I have smoker's cough

and K is running a fever and rubs her snot on anything that is handy. As a result, no bike rides are happening around here - we are staying close to home. I finished three books this weekend The Earth Moved, Jane Eyre, and Uncle Tom's Cabin. But every time I try to sit and write I feel like my brain is in a fog. Oh well.

You can find me at the house with the sunflowers.


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  2. I have been admiring the sunflowers this time of year. My mistake sunflower (from the birdseed) was recently crushed by my toddler.

    I hope you feel better soon. There has been a lot of illnesses going around here lately--colds and flus.

  3. Now you go and take a ton of zinc and vitamin c and gargle with peroxide. Oh, sorry, that is the mom coming out--my son is teething big time --two molars, and is driving us nuts. :)

    Love the sunflowers. You asked if I garden--um, yes and no. I love the concept and every year try to do it but our house is on fill and surrounded by fill and it has taken me 5 years just to get the flower beds around the outside of the house in tolerable condition where something other than the most hardy weeds will actually grow. We planted seeds as well as some plants from my mom--everyone else we know who did all the same things we did have huge plants-ours are 6 inches high and look sickly--but that is much better than previous years where they straight out died. Next year we are trying a raised bed with compost and brought in soil--much better than our ready made clay. I have on occasion had sunflowers survive but not this year--our sunflower house only has 6 surviving plants--all of which are 6 inches high. Sigh. At least our blueberry bush is producing--I love our blueberry bush.

  4. Oh, feel better! That's no fun. And yucky.

    I bet you look lovely next to the sunflowers. Take a picture! :)

  5. Oh! I DO hope you are feeling better soon!

    LOVE the sunflowers!

    Last night we finally got the keys to the 'new' house. I am thrilled to have gotten a great bunch of flowers, trees and plants along with it.

    How I hope I can keep them alive!

    I'd better quickly take pictures of them now, while they are still looking good.

    (i'm hoping that soon someone proves that being covered in snot and peanut butter is good for the skin!)

  6. I'm sorry you are sick.

    And I just read Uncle P's July 22nd entry. No more entries there, after that. Please, can you give us an update on him? I so hope he is not in hospital. -sigh-


  7. Love the sunflowers. They remind me of Kansas.

  8. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Oh wow those sunflowers are gorgeous. Ours has been beaten to death by the rain...sunflowers like sunshine I guess.