Monday, April 09, 2007

we crafted...

The girls made little felt pocket bags, MakeItBakeIt ornaments (I bought some at a thrift store and one was just like the one my brother made when we were children), and these t-shirts.

Mom worked on K's baby quilt (yes K will be three when she gets it) and I embroidered this for an apron that I gave my Dad for his birthday. He is quite the chef and specializes in breads. He makes home-made without a bread machine. He does crazy things like make wild sourdough starter or grind his own grains. He is pretty cool.

We bought some milk glass vases and a set of four saucers made in Japan at Goodwill. We used them to make cupcake pedestals, an idea that I stole from Judy. We also made a special one for my Dad which will show up in a later post. My Mom crocheted the cupcake for me to use as part of the display (the cupcake is not for sale) as we are putting the pedestals in a shop near my parent's and thought a visual would be helpful. It is a simple little project and doubles as a small gift package. I am now learning how to crochet.

A collage.


  1. You always do keep busy! I like the cupcake pedestals. Did you hand embroider or machine embroider on the apron? That was a really nice design. I don't think i have the patience for embroidery.

    Good luck with marketing your photographs. I hope that you will be successful as your photos are always lovely!

  2. love the shirts! I've done the pedestals, but with wine glasses as the base! how creative!

  3. Oh!



    I love it all.

    You are just SO unbelievably creative!

  4. How cute are individual cupcake stands -- too adorable! The embroidery looks great, too.