Monday, April 09, 2007

salvaging history

One of the projects that I worked on with my Mom is a rescue operation of her old family photos. After my grandparents were moved out of their home into their respective nursing homes, my Mom and her brothers looked for a box of photos that they all remembered. No one could find them. Then a few weeks before Grandpa died, they were found on a box on a dresser in the basement under blankets beneath an open window. Rain had fallen. Many were stuck together and mildewed. We sorted through them and organized them by quality and importance (quality being not how good the shot was but how damaged it was) and began the scanning process. I've got a fair sized pile to work on.

Here are two of the more damaged photos - before and after.

This is a photo of my maternal great-grandparents.

My maternal great-grandfather, we think this was shortly before his death. Notice the piece of paper stuck to it? That is a photo of me as a baby! ;)


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Wow, what a good job Me. They look great.

    p.s. I've awarded you a Thinking Blogger Award, there's a post up on my blog about it.


  2. They look fantastic! I treasure family photos highly, so I can imagine the devastation that a box of wrecked pictures could cause. At least you were able to save some of them!

  3. What amazing treasures!
    The pictures look great with your loving care of scanning...I love scanners!

  4. Oh I had the joy of doing that for my in-laws a few years back. So much fun. Makes me want to look for those slides she wants me to fix up for her.

    Beautiful work.