Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mom and I took the girls to the conservatory and zoo

While there, I grabbed this shot of C; it says a lot about her.


Scrumptious color combination, don't you think?


Twin boy polar bears (or so the keeper told me) that were born at the San Diego Zoo. I am sure they must be happier here where the weather is colder. Don't you think? Sadly, I've read studies on the types of animals that do well in zoos and bears are not the kind of animal that does well in a zoo.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Gorgeous. Those colours are just divine - indeed truly divinely made. I love polar bears they look so cuddly but I believe are rather fearsome really.

  2. I always seem to gasp at the beauty in your photography. Those are wonderful!

  3. Oh, I so want to take pictures like these! Just breathtaking.
    I'm always saddest for the bears at the zoo, for I have heard the same statistic. They are incredibly beautiful, though.

  4. Oh wow! You can FEEL these plants growing!

  5. I love that 2nd picture from the top, the leaf that looks like it's unfurling -- a fern? a fiddlehead? Beautiful whatever it is. And the blue on that flower is soooo intense - gorgeous!