Monday, April 09, 2007

a little false-humility pie with a dollop of genuine humility on top - maybe...

I had a great week with my Mom but I came out of it feeling down because my ego got a few blows and so I am going to dump the false humility and hurt here before I move on and tell you about my weekend...

I recently mentioned that hubby told me that after K enters school, all I have to do is make enough to pay for the girl's schooling (they will go to a private Christian school). I can make money in any 'legal' ;) way that I want. I hope to make it by working at home. So I've started trying to utilize my talents and work out avenues of income in that direction. Since it takes awhile to make self-employment a strong income option I've been starting to gather my plans and am starting to feel out the territories I want to invest my time in.

As many of you know I have a gallery show of my photography coming up. I am planning on using the show as a means to jump-start myself down one avenue of income. I want to sell my work as Fine Art Photography. I've waffled over the years regarding what to do with my photography...but this is what I love and I think it is best. However, getting others to agree is an iffy situation.

I have an etsy shop for my craft projects and it does extremely modest business. However, until recently I haven't done much to drum up business. In this lies one of my sadnesses - I hate it when I make something that doesn't come close to my idea and this collage is one. I am going to post another collage that did turn out well at my craft blog but I am going to show the failure here. The frustrating thing is that I don't even know why I don't like it.

My third endeavor is writing. I was an English major in college. My last job before C was born was as a technical writer. I can be lazy in my writing style sometimes. However, writing is something, which when I am in practice, I can do well. I've been writing some articles and getting them published. I've also got a little weekly recipe column going. I had a rather insultingly low offer on an article this weekend and I let that get me down too.

The problem is that to let myself get down is a sort of bondage that prevents me from doing what God wants me to do and if I am doing the wrong thing it will prevent me from discovering it. I need a good kick in the seat of my pants.


  1. I, for one love the clipboard, it is actually probably my favourite one. But I am a lover of blue and all things resembling water.

    What I sense is how hard it must be to try to do what you love, and live like you love and make money at it. I have no such pressure and the idea of doing that is difficult because it would mean putting my heart out "there" and having others put "value" on it.

    Vulnerable. I admire your going after it, and I pray that you find the niche that satisfies both your heart and the other.


  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I love the blue clipboard too.

    You are very talented and I can imagine you could make money out of your talents. The things you sent me were not only beautiful but exquisitely made.

    I wish I had more get up and go to do things like write, but maybe one day...

    Hugs Me xx

  3. Wow.

    You could SO do this.

    If ANYONE could, it would be you!

  4. (Elise offers a gentle kick, while asking you to return the favor)
    It is amazing that you have so many gifts to choose from, really. Photography, crafting, writing... God smiles on you, Me. Rest in his pleasure.