Thursday, April 12, 2007

my Mom and my Dad

Oh, and C. Dad and C - aren't they adorable. Do you think she adores her Grandpa? Dad is wearing the apron I embroidered for his birthday. He turned 58 years young. I embroidered the patch and put it on a man's 'shop' apron I bought at the hardware store. Now my father is ready for some industrial strength bread. :)

Happy Birthday to me. (My Dad isn't a ham - ahem).

This is a color version of the cupcake and its stand. The stand is a glass candlestick and lovely little plate for candles that I picked up the thrift store and put together. (Okay, Mom helped.) Dad loves dark chocolate and the recipe I used is one I found to make birthday cakes for my chocolate loving C it is a very good recipe.

My Dad.

My Mom.

Would you guess that they love each other?

Off topic. Can you think of anything more darling than a curly haired toddler with hair streaming down her back wearing a pink nightgown and black tights? Nope, neither could I. :)


  1. Too adorable!! That cupcake stand is a great idea. It looks beautiful. You know, your dad is only 5 years older than my Tim? lol Have a great day. I'm glad your visit was so good.

  2. Fun ... and so much joy in those faces.

    Love the apron and the cupcake stand, I think I might borrow that idea, if I may?


  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I always love the depth of emotion that your photos show...portraits of life in the making. Made me giggle that I am almost as old as your Dad ;)

  4. Your dad= handsome (young) man.
    Your pedastal thingies: adorable.

  5. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I am having an emotional day today and your pictures brought tears to my eyes. Your father is more than just a ham and handsome, he is kind thoughtful and loving. He is everything that I need to keep me going straight. NLM

  6. Fantastic pictures. Just fantastic.

    And I especially love the one of C and her Grandpa.


  7. Yes, I would guess that your parents love each other - lol - and that's a wonderful thing!

    And little girls in nightgowns and tights sound pretty close to the ultimate in cuteness! :o)

  8. The pictures of your Mom and Dad are so good I could not look at them further, tore me up.

    I miss my parents, spring is bitter sweet as the new season begins, it is the anniversary of their passing.

    So who turned off spring any way?

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He looks younger than 58. Hope he had a great day! I just cannot imagine anything without dark chocolate on my birthday.Those photos, especially the b&w ones are awesome!