Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yes, I mean to yell. If you wish to join me, feel free.

The first two images are actually from yesterday. The one directly below was a thrill. We stopped at the lake across from C's school and saw a loon. Of course, I didn't get a great close-up but...

These really need to be seen full-size, oh well. A killdeer - high on my list of favorite birds, simply because I like their cry.

The sun is shining, why not smile!!

The light is glorious, don't you agree?

Warm enough for tulips (biting hard on tongue).

An issue on today's walk - K will not wear mittens. Consequently, when her hands reach maximum cold tolerance, we get to listen to her squall; here she goes getting her hands wet again.

An unusual and (therefore, in my opinion) cool wasp gall.

Sparkly bits.


My camera really isn't the right sort for birds, but I can't help trying. Today was fabulous - robins by the scores, cardinals calling back and forth across the ravine, the throaty rasps of the jays, the goldfinch, my first two bluebirds of the season, a great blue heron soaring over, and gulls flying brilliantly white and high in the clear blue sky.

I believe this bird is a phoebe but as you can tell he isn't the entire point of the photo.

C at a lovely little pond below someone's house but on the trail 'right of way.'

Just as we were exiting the trail, I looked up. He held still hoping I wouldn't see him.


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Just beautiful OH GLORIOUS DAY! There I shouted with you :)

    I can't believe the snow in your pictures, we've been in short sleeve t-shirts today.

  2. Glorious day and glorious pics.

  3. The photo you have labeled 'trinity' - I LOVE that!

    I will shout "OH GLORIOUS DAY!!" with you!

  4. As always, wonderful photos. :) And I'm with Sarah, I'm wowed with the snow you guys are having. But with Spring lagging in your neck of the woods, the green and warming up will be all the more delicious, yes?

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I just can't get over the snow....since I have my AC on here ;)

  6. As always - your pictures are a delight to the eye!

  7. Some of those are absolutely stunning! All right, I liked all of them but some... Sometimes I wish you posted them individually so I could comment on each of my favorites without having to go back and forth to look. :) Am I lazy or what. :)