Friday, March 02, 2007

we have a bit of snow

We have a bit of snow here. Yesterday I cleared the drive twice (by hand our snow-blower has been broke for as long as we have lived in this house - if I remember correctly we moved her in 98) for a total of over ten inches.

I have more to clear this morning.


  1. beautiful! I'm so sore from shoveling yesterday!

  2. Wow. Ours finally all melted. I woke this morning to find sudden spring. Beautiful shots.

  3. I've decided to just wade through it.

    The new stuff we are getting seems to be blowing sideways. Not sure where sideways snow lands.

    We don't have much to shovel, but complain like babies about it anyway. One of the advantages to living in a church parking lot!

  4. So beautiful. I'll lend you a bit of my summer to melt it all, if you want. Please send snow!

  5. Mmmm yes, a bit of snow. But what wonderful things you let us see.... when looking at it. You are an artist, with your camera.


  6. I wish we had some snow like that this year. My son is missing out on a lot of fun.
    Lovely pictures.

  7. Great photos. I'll have to remember to use my B&W option soon.
    I belong to Joyce btw.