Monday, May 19, 2014

book marks and paper mache

Rain, rain go away, come again some other day. It is raining here today, if the wind were coming from some other direction besides the East that would be okay - but Eastern Rains mean leaking at the window. We are closing in on the repair; the replacement window has been ordered.

C made this bird using K's Perler Beads - I am not sure how long the top knots will last but I did my best to iron them well.

We made these bookmarks for the craft at our homeschool group. I made samples of these woven bookmarks (the two original samples are the bookmarks on the right) and the corner bookmarks in the next photo. When we met, the kids kept making bookmarks and didn't want to stop for poetry. 

They all had plans to make more when they went home - K made the one on the far right that same day; she has since made several more. The narrow one is one I made after an idea one of the boys in our group had. His Mom says that he has come up with more variations since our last meeting.  

My sample bookmarks for the corner bookmarks were the map bookmark and the green monster bookmark. C's monster has the stalactite teeth that are kind of hard to see and K's monster has the tongue.  One of the boys thought that these bookmarks would work for a Totoro so I made one. :)

Bookmarks in action. 

I finally finished a large scale Celtic Knot Paper Mache Project. My FIL cut out the foam core shape for me since I am notoriously bad with box cutters (or sharp things of any sort, to be honest) and I used egg cartons to cover it.

gratuitous hubby shot (he would hate knowing I put this on here as he badly needs a haircut)

Scale for the paper mache Celtic Trinity Knot that I made. I never took a scale shot of the large cross I made so I made sure we that we took a shot of this one before this item was hung. I might get a chance to to take a scale shot of the cross sometime soon since we will be repainting the living room after the window is replaced. 

I took a few more shots this morning to see if I could get a better shot of the paint and texture on this thing. I wanted some beauty shots and that can't happen with me in the photograph. ;)

I've recently finished two paper mache projects. The Totoro pinata and this baby. Next up, the White Tree of Gondor. :)



  1. The Celtic Knot turned out beautiful ! Your inlaw's cutting skills are top notch. I enjoyed all the projects you have been up to, I noticed you have pinned many interesting perler projects, I wish my daughters would be inspired in the same way. Praying for a dry spell until your window is repaired, I know first hand how worrisome water can be.

  2. Those bookmarks are adorable! What a fun way to remember which page you're reading. ツ The Celtic Knot is beautiful. Lovely project!

  3. Holy moly, Meliss, your giant Celtic knot is so cool! It looks like ancient stone. I just love the two monster corners your girls made (don't tell the other kids but those two were my faves even before I knew who made 'em).

  4. I love the Celtic Knot! Beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy