Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Totoro Party - Tons of Photos

One of the gifts I made K for her tenth birthday was this Totoro bleach silhouette shirt, which I based on this t-shirt that I found on Pinterest.  I have to admit I had one fail before I got this one (bleach seeped under the stencil). I used adhesive craft foam to make the stencil.

On the day of the party less than an hour before the guests arrived, I decided K needed soot sprites for her hair. So I quickly made some for her braid. 

The food table was fun to decorate, I used a combination of things we had (such as the giant acorn and the wooden vase) and things I bought at the thrift store with the intention of keeping and incorporating into our decor (such as the leaf plates) and things I made like the pom pom soot sprites.

Because Mei discovered Totoro by following a trail of acorns and because Totoro gave Satsuki and Mei seeds we used lots of acorns, pine cones, and other seeds (such as walnuts and buckeyes) to decorate the table. I also included natural items like the bird's nest since Totoro was a forest spirit.

We blew up seventy-five balloons (a little more than half  of them with helium) and stuck eyes on them (I printed the eyes on re-positionable mailing labels and cut them out). Some were used as yard decorations but most of them ended up in the bounce house.

We really wanted a house shaped bounce house but couldn't find any that weren't haunted houses.

K made a few Totoro fuse bead items for party decorations. Here is a small Totoro. 

Notice K's fuse bead cat bus above and her soot sprite below. 

I made a giant cardboard Totoro and a bus stop sign for a photo booth. Notice I even made the sign rusty just like in the movie!! 

Unfortunately because it was pushing ninety, we did not get to use the Totoro hoodie and hat I made.

We did use the blanket I made to imitate Mei's pose from the movie.

The gift bags were great fun. I put a top in them (because Totoro flew around on a top), a whistle (from the flute scene in the movie), the soot sprite bookmarks that I made, and bubbles. It was fun to hear the kids all playing their flutes at the same time it actually sounded a lot like the movie.

I tried to keep the food Totoro themed. There were flower cupcakes with Totoro cupcake wrappers.

Hershey's kisses, mini Nilla wafers, and peanut butter chip acorns (these are so yummy).

Chocolate no-bake cookie soot-sprites. 


The kids had a great time in the bounce house. 

 Finally we took out the pinata that I made.

I had a blast putting this party together and K had a great time too! I hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. What an amazing party!! I love all the special details . Those balloons are too cute.
    Adhesive craft foam is a great idea for a stencil! Looks like you are enjoying beautiful weather, it is so nice to have an outdoor birthday celebration.

  2. What a great party! WOW! It all turned out so good! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Oh, holy moly! What a COOL party! It's so strange and hip to see a kid party done in gray and black...this is why I love ya! That tee shirt is so gorgeous - I have never had luck with bleach shirts, whahhh.

  4. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. Quentin would have loved that party. We are all T. fans.