Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Totoro, Totoro, Totoro!!

I think that I've mentioned my intention of doing a photo booth at K's party. I made this Totoro hat as one of the props. 

We will probably use K's Christmas hoodie for one of the props as well. 

I also made this pinata for the Totoro birthday party. Three things are commonly said about home made pinatas: they are quick, easy, and cheap. Easy and cheap are true - quick...not so much.

Pinatas are a lot of fun to make and the party-goers always enjoy smashing them so even though it is time consuming, it is a win-win in my book (especially since it is fun to photograph the smashing process). 

This is a sample of the party favor bags I made for the party. I made eight but we just added a guest so I guess I will make one more (I just hope I kept my template). I roughly used the instructions I found on this site


  1. It is all so cute! Great job! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Ackkk! That pinata is the cutest thing - I would not have the heart to whack it!

  3. What a lucky, lucky girl to have a Mom like you! She's going to have a memorable day. Can't wait to see the fabulous birthday photos. :)

  4. CC would love all of these. Even if she is 22:-)