Saturday, April 13, 2013

she has been known to make things

The wire baskets that the girls' kept their dental hygiene items in were disgusting. I pitched them and made them these canister sets using tin cans, and a couple of old belts. So this was a nice little stash buster.

I made the girls more house pants. These are from a flat flannel sheet. Unfortunately, they are not a stash bust. The sheet is from my March Madness shopping sprees at the thrift store. Sheets are only 2.99 at the thrift store so far I've got these pants out of this sheet and I've got lots of fabric left. The girls really like them -- the fabric is soft and comfortable.  

Notice, I managed to match the plaid!! 

This cape/poncho/circle shirt is a wonderful stash bust. This fabric is some I bought at a thrift store three years ago. It is a sweet blue floral knit that feels really great. It does have a weird stretch to it - it tends to want to distort. 

I didn't use a pattern for the shirt and I ended up modifying my original plan. It needs some more modifications but I think it looks really nice on C. She loves the fabric but says the style is more like K's (she is correct in that assessment). 

We made these spring chicks in baskets at our Poetry and Play group on Friday. We've been making these chicks every year for years and we didn't get to them last year and the girls were very disappointed. Since our theme for this meeting was birds I thought it would be a great excuse to make chicks again. 

The baskets are old applesauce cups and the cotton balls are actually the filler cotton from medicine bottles. I keep a jar that I toss the cotton into every time we open a jar of aspirin or other pills.

Poetry and Play usually meets twice a month but it has been over three weeks since we last met. So Penny, one of the Moms, made Easter baskets for all the kids with candy and plastic eggs. The eggs had fun bird-themed writing prompts in them. 

Today, I gave the left-over materials to the girls and they made these batch of chicks.

I've been on a jewelry making kick. Unfortunately, I haven't photographed any of it yet except for this bracelet that I made last Saturday. It is one half of a sleeping bag zipper that my Mom gave me several years ago when I was making stuff out of zippers.

It was a fun craft and it is a surprisingly comfortable bracelet. You can see the zipper necklace I made several years ago in the photo too.

The reason for the funny fist is that I was ashamed to let you see my extremely ragged cuticles - I don't chew my nails or anything but I have the ugliest cuticles imaginable.

Tim thinks it looks like I am making a gang sign. Sigh. 


  1. Word, gangsta! Nice work on all of it, M - the reuse of the belts is quite cool! I am always trying to hide my fingernails, because I never have them trimmed the same length - all very wonky and I wish I had a resident hand model.

  2. Fun projects! My daughter and I have been having fun sewing all do - doing to stash busting as well. It is so fun!

    I had to grin over your gang sign comment!

  3. I adore good flannel and the house pants look comfy. I found a set of Talbot flannel pj's at Goodwill that are positively dreamy and so should they be at the original cost. Love the zipper bracelet-kinda edgy.

  4. Tim's take on your bracelet photo makes me giggle! I wouldn't have thought of that if you hadn't mentioned it, but you know, it does kinda look "gangsta". :)