Thursday, April 11, 2013

home town

I graduated from a class of thirteen with a high school total of around 65. I went to school in the building you see above, only it didn't have those window air-conditioning units when I was young!! 

Main Street in Almena was actually cobblestones, believe it or not. I remember my Dad doing repairs to water lines and having to replace cobbles more than once.

The grain elevator. I worked there after my senior year of high school before I went to college. I worked in that teeny tiny building in the front, the office.

Prairie Dog Creek

From the hill by the Almena water tower. I thought there was more to see. ;0

I took this photo because the girls were fascinated by barbed wire.

We actually lived two miles outside of Almena, on a dirt road that was muddy and was no place for me to take the little Ford Fusion that I rented for the trip (one car makes situations like this a bit harder but mostly, having one car hasn't been too bad). We probably didn't miss much. The house and barn have been gone for years. The shelter-belt still stands but otherwise, there isn't much to see where I grew up.

The tree you see above is right at the curve near the turn off to our house. I always loved the shape of the tree. Whatever type of tree it is it is very slow growing. It is definitely bigger than I remember but considering it has been twenty years, it isn't that much bigger!

I am not done. This tree was missed by the tornado that went near our house and through some of our old neighbors' places. I have some pictures and thoughts to share about that too. :)


  1. Oh geeze! I remember going back to my home town a few years ago. I was shocked at how small our little house seemed. I remembered that it only had 2 bedrooms...but still! How did we do that???

    I don't think our little school had ac either...
    Hope you are having fun!

  2. Is it a creek or is it a crick? That school is so perfect and classic! In B&W you can't tell it's not a photo you took back then...

  3. Thanks for the photos. I am M's uncle and I also graduated from Northern Valley High School. However when I started High School, I went to the Long Island High School. However between my Sophomore and Junior year we consolidated with the school in Almena causing our class size to roughly double from about 13 to 31. So back in 1969 my graduating class was roughly double the size of M's graduating class some 20 years later.

  4. It's good to reminisce. I like the tree, cool shape.

  5. Enjoyed your photos! It's good to reminisce but hurts my heart when the buildings that were there when we were little aren't.

  6. Hooray for roots and lovely photos.