Sunday, April 07, 2013

life on the old farmstead (one very short afternoon when we visited)

I meant to include this photo with the last post. One aspect of church life was not the way I remember it. The men served and cleaned up after the funeral luncheon (and it wasn't ham buns!). I remember the kitchen as the domain of the women when I was young. Of course most of the men fled when I pointed a camera in their direction but...still.


After the funeral luncheon, we went back to the farm. My Uncle Melvin now lives there and it has changed a great deal from when I was young but much of it is still the same too. C had not been to Kansas since she was nine months old and K had never been to Kansas. K was in her element on the farm.

C wasn't exited about the mud (this was 'real' mud according to her (as opposed to the fake mud we have in Minnesota)). Of course then she scuffed in the deepest part of the muddy track and totally covered her shoes.

A cold hydrant solved that problem.


  1. Beautiful photos, the farm is stunning. This was a really special journey for you and your daughters.
    How interesting that the kitchen now includes the men as well.

  2. This must have been a nostalgic time for you. Seeing the old stomping grounds usually is. And I find as I get older, I'm more and more curious about what happened to people from back then, people I haven't seen for 30 years... Not that I do anything about it. Those stories belong to a different time...

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I'm sure this trip was full of emotional ups and downs--so many happy (and probably not so happy) memories!

  4. Always lovely to read your posts. I love the pictures with the cat.

  5. Oh I love the farm! the pictures are so good. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Wonderful farm. I am of course very drawn to the large black cat, I just can't help it being crazy cat lady.


  7. I so enjoyed your post. I was raised on a farm. Both my parents have passed and we now rent the house out. Of course it has changed a great deal since childhood. Sad really, not much life left to it. Before we rented it we had to tear down a lot of out buildings. Only the Barn, shop and house remain. Very nostalgic to look back and see how life has changed. I was lucky enough for all my 4 children to see it and spend time ther, altho the yougest sure didn't get their fill. I sure wish I could afford to buy my sister out and be able to afford to live there. But my little one horse town has become a bedroom community to San Francisco, not as affordable anymore. It is located on a frontage road adjacent to the highway. It seemed on the direct route whenever anyone needed to head South and became everyones potty break stop. You could never know who would stop in from one day to the next. When we first rented it (waiting to sell until the market is firmer) I used to have nightmares that the tenants wouldn't let me in to go to the bathroom!! Very upsetting to have some stranger living in your childhood home and changing the way the house looks inside. They are big time sellers of Corvette parts on ebay and have made the living room into a storage ara for their parts inventory. My bedroom is now their living room. My parents bedroom is one of their bedrooms and my grandmaothers bedroom the others bedroom. The patio has become their cleaning area with huge machines and sandblasters. Corvette bodies litter the back of the house where one of Mom's gardens was.

    Whew, sorry to be so long winded, seems I've gone down memory lane with you ♥

    Have a great day!