Wednesday, March 13, 2013

its a wrap

I used an old Thomas the Tank Engine Sheet to experiment with wrap pants (the girls loved Thomas when they were small so these are actually from when K was young).  If you ignore the engines - I find the lattice fabric makes a neat design for these pants. If you Google wrap pants/sarong pants/fisherman pants (which are technically different pants) you will find a variety of tutorials for making these - I used several for reference and I can't even find one of them now.

Next time I will probably make them wider so they will wrap to the front more.  On C's I set on a wide waistband or tie. I like the way it looks better than the narrow string ties.  You can see a tutorial for how to put them on here.

These are intended to be 'house' pants for the girls. 

We are desperately wishing for spring.

Remember my art journal? It got laid aside. I picked it up recently so that I could make some sample pages for the girls' Poetry and Play group. 

The poem is an old one. One I wrote in 2005.

Friday, April 08, 2005

map of the world

your map seems clear
a red line disappearing over the horizon
no bends, no curves, no interest
and you almost wish for a loop
to strangle yourself in

north, east, west, south
are not directions they are not
even suggestions - they don’t exist

our eldest child has a dreamy map
full of sweeping lines of travel
and distant vistas like the brushstrokes
of a Chinese watercolor painting
a happy land to wander
with no clear destination

our baby seems to be geometric
edges with the arts and crafts order
of Frank Lloyd Wright
passion delineated in vivid color

and my map is simply white tracing paper
marked with lines copied from other maps
- my destination is travel companion

some days, I wish I could
fold my map into the shape
of an albatross and glide away


  1. I love the pants and I would wear them. I do not like to wear jeans around the house. I constantly look for yoga pants in thrift stores for me. I like the map poem too but most of all the images of you in Sunday's post which I missed because Sunday's are crazy busy for me. It is spring her today-65 degrees and sunny. The flowers are coming up here and I need to get out and wash the car but I won't. Instead I am ironing the longest drapes ever. xo, olive

  2. Looking forward to Spring here, too. The snow is all gone thanks to lots of rain yesterday, but it is supposed to get cold again tomorrow. Cute pants!

  3. The pants look so comfy! And the Thomas print is totally cute, so unhip that it's hip! Thanks for sharing the's a lovely and honest one and I love that you are so honest here.

  4. Can I glide away with you? Some days I am just ready to start over.

  5. I know that I have been impressed by the way that you have been stash using. But now I must ask, "How are you producing so much?!" You are something else... I make excuses for the small sampling of creativity that happens here. But I wonder if really I'm just lazy! :)

    I love your beautiful free form poem. I have posted a poem to show tomorrow morning. It's at least as deep and thought provoking as yours.. really..

    Hugs, Debbie

  6. Those pants are darling! Gosh the girls have shot up like wild weeds! Both were the pants beautifuly and look so comfy. Love your poem too

  7. You did an awesome job on those wrap loungers. Your daughters look so delighted in them - the fit looks perfect, you have been accomplishing so much sewing.
    Thank you for sharing your poetry. Just what I needed on this grey day, the imagery is perfect.

  8. I could use a pair of those pants for lounging in. They look totally comfy!

    It's funny how a poem you wrote in 8 years ago can seem so alive today. Beautiful and stark, it is.