Friday, March 15, 2013

a walk on a snow day

It snowed yesterday, it snowed today, there might be snow next week.

It is colder than average for this time of the year. Last year, it was in the mid-seventies on the sixteenth (of course, that was a record).

It might have not been the brightest thing to go for a walk yesterday, I fell down three times. I have a great bruise on my knee.

A little birdy that you will see again when she is finished.


  1. Oh goodness that is a lot of snow. Sorry about the boo boo on your knee. I am about to wear myself out because of our sun-I may not make it til the spring. I raked for two hours today but considering all the Easter candy I have consumed I should do more:}

  2. Beautiful snowy pics. It's been quite chilly here but nothing like where you live :) Love your little birdy too. x

  3. I'm sure the sunshine felt good, despite the col. The birdy is darling! Sending some of our 62 degrees your way.

  4. Beautiful photos! We also are having a frigid March, some sun but mostly grey. I am so ready for spring. Mind those bruises and your birdie is darling, looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  5. Great photos--especially love the last one! We are currently snow-free here, and I hope it stays that way!