Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poet Style Blouse - done

This is the blouse I was working on for myself. I like it and I don't like it. I like the way it looks now that I've decided to wear the ties untied.

I don't like that the shoulders are a bit tight. I don't have a lot of experience redrafting patterns but I want to learn and this one would definitely need adjustments in the shoulders if I were to make it again. I would also want to reduce the depth of the neckline.

I apologize for the less than inspiring background. It is wet, windy, and cold and Tim has some cold action going on so I had him shoot these inside.

The sleeves fit a bit weird. I think there are two reasons. A.) the shoulders a bit too tight B.) when I measured the elastic for the cuffs, I measured right at my wrist and made it too tight - I think that looser would be better so it doesn't tug so much. I'm not sure I like how the pattern had me make the casing for the elastic either.

We had an odd week. We were just off. On Thursday, we were going to go to a piano museum in downtown St Paul. When we got there, we couldn't find parking. All the ramps were full and so were all the street spots. Turns out there were two big events going on: the boys hockey tournament and a Marriage Amendment Rally at the state capitol. We ended up canceling our field trip and we hope to reschedule. Doh!

I also went thrift shopping this weekend. I bought some sheets to convert into sewn items. BAD ON ME! Definitely an anti-stash bust move! I also bought some one dollar patterns. Including some that I hope to use for Renn Fest Costumes (I am really jazzed about them) and some really neat dress patterns for the girls.

Stash Bust

  • Fabric from sheet

  • Interfacing
  • Thread
  • Elastic

  • McCalls 6509 - a dollar purchase at JoAnns

P.S. I forgot to mention, I washed this after I made it and did not iron it again. I like that!!


  1. Poet Style! What a great term! I see how the shoulders are too tight, but otherwise I love it to bits. Kind of a perfect print for it, too.

  2. I know I have probably said this before, but I would never have thought to re-purpose a sheet into clothes. I like this print, and the style looks nice on you.

  3. Beautiful blouse! You talked a lot about what you didn't like about the fit.. will you still wear it? It really does look wonderful on you. Very Shakespearean! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. You might find that if you loosen the cuffs first the shoulder issue might be lessened. Worth a shot because it really is a sweet blouse!

    Nice to see your face by the way. It's rare that we see pics of you!

  5. It's funny how you call it 'poet style' ... I have a woollen cardigan that is my 'writing cardigan' ... for some inexplicable reason is has the air of a writer, and who am I to resist but do all of my writing in it? : o )

    1. RYC: Ha! This is the place for verbosity : o )

      The OED was a gift from my Mum, one of the best presents she ever gave me (dictionaries are most underrated as gifts!).

      Please keep reading Lexicolatry, and as a fellow logophile your comments on any words you find interesting will be most appreciated!

  6. First, it's fun to see you, friend. :) I agree that loosening a bit in the shoulders would help, as would more elastic at the wrists. Well done! Oh, and sheets are always worth finding in good condition in my opinion.

  7. I think it is cute!

  8. It looks really cute on you. Love the print, maybe if you loosen the cuffs elastic, it just may give a bit of more room in the shoulders...won't be pulling. Awesome job!