Wednesday, March 20, 2013

almost wordless

it is 13 degrees fahrenheit today
Anne of Green Gables

bookmark I made for my paternal grandmother when I was in kindergarten

Pollyanna's world! - my FIL bought me four more military prisms so now I have seven large prisms in the living room windows - love the rainbows shining on the coat wrack in the entry

most of the milk glass that I buy I give to my MIL but this pedestal bowl was far to pretty to give away

it contains a bird's nest, butterfly wings, acorns, a pine cone, feathers, a dragonfly's wing, dried roses, and a wishbone

everything naturally found (except for the wishbone and roses) after the creature was dead or had migrated for the winter

one of my conchs (the one not shown - because it washed out in the photos) I found rolling in the surf on my first visit to Mexico - it is very worn and pitted but I love that I found it

the coral is some I found on a beach in Mexico, the abalone is one that my FIL dug up in a tide pool in San Diego - the rest of the shells are from thrift shopping
hands are Avon - thrifted - i like wooden knots and knot holes and tend to collect them when I find them

ah - there is my conch - see how smooth and washed it is (it is rather small too)
what isn't there to love about marbles? fan from an old computer and model catapult we've had forever - think it was a gift for my husband from someone in my family

we salvaged a little something from our Subaru before the wreckers hauled it away

love the patina on this thrift store bell - my current book

my FIL cut this out for me out of some sort of board insulation - I am going to use it as a form for egg-carton paper mache like my huge cross - I say, do you leave unfinished stuff hanging on your walls?

my bowling ball gazing ball now holds my husband's grandfather's fedora

a look at the miniature terra cotta warriors the girls bought when we saw the warriors at the MIA

C found this deck of fact cards for two dollars at the thrift store - I thought they were mega-cool - I think we will use them for bookmarks

oh look! be still my beating heart! Kenneth Branagh

anyone else love glass insulators? most of mine came from my in-laws - the burnt wood is some I picked up on vacation

our Lenten spiral and a wool granny squares afghan that I shrunk and cut up for a place mat on our lazy susan

3 teacups from my maternal grandmother - when Mom asked me what I wanted from Grandma's china - I said I wanted the birth month teacups for each member of our family - apparently January was busted - these are November, September, and May

pocket watch is from Tim's paternal grandfather

teacup from Tim's paternal grandmother - hand thrift store

one of Tim's aunt's made Darth -- the vase, and the photo are mine

one of six swords hanging in our living room - this one is a sword of the Rohirrim - Tim has five swords from LOTR

butter-knife cross - me made
C started making these bracelets out of the girls' hairbands - I put a stop to the use of the normal hairbands as we go through them like crazy anyhow - I bought a bunch of fun bands at Dollar Tree

I've been having C draw pictures for words she misspells - here is business

her gallant knight

gossips who exaggerate!

What do you think of my wildly eclectic living room?  - I didn't even show you the weeper (pleurant), feast on fools, the catgoyle, unicorn, the dragons, or the LOTR makes my living room sound bizarre - it really isn't - okay it is - I can't help myself - I love a wide variety...I am told I put things together well and my house is fascinating - I dunno - I worry that it is just weird.


  1. I love the milk glass pedestal and the unfinished art which I love as is and can TOTALLY relate to. I have an unfinished canvas in my living room on the floor as we speak. great minds, I tell you! :)

  2. I have never seen you show so many vignettes Melissa. Of course I love the natural elements in the milk glass and the shells.

  3. I like it all. Is the Lenten spiral one of Ann Voskamp's?

    I have unusual taste too, it's good to be unique :-)

  4. My "things" are rather organized, but I have an eclectic variety, too!

  5. I love a lot of different things too. Loved enjoying your photos

  6. Oh Melissa! I think it all looks great!
    I have a doll head in my living room. My kids hate it, the grand kids are a bit bothered by it, but I LOVE it. It perfectly holds a white satin baby hat that was Steve's.

  7. So many beautiful subjects in this post, and so wonderfully captured Melissa. I love how you are surrounded by such meaningful treasures. You must share the unicorn!

    PS your daughter reading Anne is a lovely shot. In Canada we are still very upset about the new Anne cover;fortunately, I kept my childhood editions.
    That Shakespeare fan deck is a great find. I found a Star Wars version by the same company several months ago at the goodwill!