Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field Trip to the Cathedral of St Paul

Do you see the wee figures in front of the massive doors?

Today, we took a field trip to the Cathedral of St Paul, in St Paul, Minnesota. It is good that the Catholics created an archdiocese along the banks of the Mississippi, otherwise, the capitol of Minnesota might still be Pig's Eye, Minnesota.

We had a fabulous tour guide. A feisty elderly lady who used to be a university professor and now is the archivist at the Cathedral. She asked that we share with anyone we tell about our tour one fact about the Cathedral. The Cathedral is open all day everyday.

We saw many gorgeous statues, gorgeous marble, and other works of beauty.


We saw a cast replica of Michelangelo's famous pieta. The girls were particularly thrilled to see it.

Of course there were lots of gorgeous stained glass windows

You can see the Minnesota State Capitol in the photo above. We were going to visit the capitol building too but we didn't have time. So it will be saved for another day.


  1. I love viewing beautiful old churches. Great pics, Melissa!

  2. Your photos of the day are breathtaking!

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos! I saw the original PIeta and it is breathtaking. Sadly so many Catholic churches have removed some of the statutes, but, of course, this being a Cathedral, I am sure it is magnificent.

  4. I love cathedrals. Religious statues are interesting to me-maybe because I am not Catholic and was excommunicated from the Baptist church?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. You guys get to go to the most beautiful interesting places!