Monday, February 25, 2013

blouses, bonnets, placemats, and napkins

Wow! Six Christmas's ago, I made the girls Little House on the Prairie Costumes (Butterick B4569).  Boy were they young and cute. Soon after that, I started a sunbonnet for my niece who is close to C's age. Ahem. I finally finished it. :)

I think that the niece for whom it was intended has probably outgrown her desire for something like it so it is going to a different niece.

In between projects and as materials float to the top of the stash, I've been making denim place-mats (backed with fleece). I was pleased to discover that my method for making the placemats wasn't terribly different from my friend Chris at Pick Up Some Creativity. So far, I've made 6 place-mats.

I've also make 6-8 flannel napkins from left-over scraps.  I want my napkins and placemats to be very durable and washable as the girls are very messy eaters (sigh).

A blouse made from McCalls pattern M6159. This was the first time I've made proper cuffs and they are definitely a bit wonky. I think I've got the concept now so next time should be a bit better. 

I like the long tail - I thought it was a cute look. 

All in all, I think it turned out nice. I've been working on learning more about finishing seams and making my finished garment look nicer. Nice thing about finishing a garment is that it is more durable too (which is a great plus since my girls are rough necks).

Stash Bust:

Bonnet - Ancient WIP finished.

Placemats - Denim and fleece from stash.

Napkins - Flannel remnants from other projects.

Shirt for C - Sheet from stash. Pattern from the dollar sale at JoAnns (periodically, JoAnns will sell patterns for one dollar - considering the price of patterns, this is a great deal -- the girls have outgrown all their old patterns).


  1. Beautiful! The clothes and the girl!

  2. I adore that blouse!!! Love the "tails". It looks so cute on her. The bonnet is darling ♥ So sweet. You are such a great seamstress, more than you give yourself credit for.

    I remember my Mom and Grandmother were always at the sewing machine. My Grandmother would make all the Queeens and Sidemaids Dress's for The Holy Ghost (a portuguese festival). I wasn't alive then, but I've seen the photos. Mom was Queen one year and the photo of her in the dress is magnificent. There was alot of pearls and laces. The dresses the Queens wear now coldn't hold a candle to my Grandmothers work.

    My Aunt gave me hers before she passed which was many years ago. It has quit working. I think someday I would like another. The ones these days are not like we had in home ec! I'd probably sew my fingers in the fabric!! LOL
    Take care

  3. That blouse is SO lovely Melissa! The length is so becoming. This is a style I think is very becoming. What a great job you did!

    Denim placemats. Perfect. :)

  4. Beautiful stitching! And the "photoshoot" is just lovely. I am definitely going to investigate that sun bonnet, l love it!

  5. I have given you a blog award, Melissa...
    Have a nice day!

  6. Gorgeous. Love the blouse lots. xx

  7. Cool place mats and the blouse is a really cute style for your daughter! You do know it was you who inspired me to start busting my stash (at least fabric-wise), don't you?!

  8. The blouse is lovely. Sewing is a great skill to have.

  9. I love it all, but that blouse is wonderful. It's classy yet feminine.. I'm thinking that schoolwork will have just a bit more finesse if she decides to wear it to the table!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. Wow! I am impressed by your cuffs (tricky sewing like that still intimidates me). It may be an ancient WIP for you, but that bonnet is perfect timing for me - my daughter is really getting into Little House books this year and I'm thrilled!

  11. That little top is adorable. Don't you love it when you "finally" finish a project that has been on the back burner? I know I do. You are such a great home economist! I never find bargains like that. Patterns for a $!?! Wow! The girls have grown so much this year. They are so cute!

  12. The placemats are great! I love the denim idea....hmmm. Well done on the lot. I hope those creative juices are flowing for you. :)