Friday, March 01, 2013

Sweet Tunic

I really like this pattern. Simplicity 2689. I like the style and variations and I like the ease of putting together what is a nicely finished garment. It needs some tweaking for summer wear but I hope I can figure out how to make the adjustments because I have many variations and ideas for this garment. 

I was surprised by the fabric K picked. I pulled out a bunch of old sheets and asked her to pick the fabric she wanted. I didn't think it would look good but I actually rather like the look. 

Stash Bust

  • -Fabric: Old Sheet
  • -Lace big roll picked up at the thrift store a year or two ago

  • -Recent 1 dollar acquisition from JoAnns Simplicity 2689

Some of you have very sweetly inquired into how I am doing. It is still rough. The details of the roller-coaster emotions would probably bore you. However, last night was particularly difficult. I tend towards arrogance and I have been praying to be taught the attitude of humility. Last night, I got a lesson in humility from someone I love and respect and it hurt.

I was very weepy last night and am very preoccupied today. As soon as the girls get enough school done, I am going to sew. I need something to take myself away from this inner-dialogue; it is a conversation that could lead to bitterness. I have no patience with bitter people - so I want to run away from that attitude. Maybe I need to learn patience too.

I think spring and gardening and the outdoors would be good for my soul right now.

Someone noted the huge amount of snow we still have on the ground. It is snowy and we are entering our third snowiest month of the year. Minnesotans have a a bit of a journey yet before the weather mellows. 

Well enough feeling sorry for myself. I have life to attend to.

Thanks my friends.



  1. First, I love that tunic - the patttern is so classic for a girl, and I am so impressed that she picked the PERFECT print to compliment the style. The kid has taste! Segundo, oh, Melissa, I know what you mean about not wanting to let the bitterness in, and how hard it can be to combat. (I think I missed a previous post that things are not going well, I'm so sorry.) You have the right attitude, and obviously you truly want to take the high road. I hope you get a handle on that part of the emotion so you can react in positive ways to the bad things. Sigh. Feel better! Weepy is for winter - c'mon, Spring, get up to Melissa's place early, she needs you.

  2. I think K picked a great fabric for her tunic. Hmmm, I wonder if she knows that the next clay project is under the sea? Nah, she probably just likes shells! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Dear Melissa, if it helps at all I have struggled with depression off and on all my life. I prayed for contentment in my nursing profession for ten years and finally got there. Hang in there you are loved. Being a wife, a mom, a teacher, and more is a lot to do. I would need Prozac because of the snow I think. love, Olive

  4. You are a talented seamstress Melissa. This floral tunic is such a sweet garment on your lovely K! Beautiful work!

    Hold on Melissa. Let your prayers soar above the bitter inner dialogue. Get out into the sunshine whenever you can and let it warm your face. This helps me when I'm battling the oppression of the wintery season. Maybe it will help you too. Take care, okay?

  5. So, you put up a picture of Charlie brown. I think Charlie has something to say to our arrogant hearts. Poor Charlie had to put up with so much abuse yet he humbly held his tongue and remained cool and calm. That inner dialogue is torture. I'm praying against it in the name of JESUS!! I won't skip a day until I know you have victory my friend..

    The only good that could possibly come from this trial is the amazing wardrobe the girls are going to have. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. I hope the sun shone on you today. I hope you realize all the blessings the Lord sends...and what a sweet friend I cherish in you.