Friday, January 04, 2013

threads - two stash busting projects

My first stash bust is a poetry spool I made for my Mom. I was out of large wooden spools so this is a plastic spool.

It includes my favorite proverb "A day hemmed with prayer rarely unravels" and includes a quote by Lincoln and a scripture. 

My second stash bust is a pair of pajamas for K. I love this pattern - it is very sweet. I am glad I bought it even though I didn't get my coupon discount on it (urgh).  It is Simplicity Pattern 8488.

Stash Bust for Spool Poetry

  • 1 empty plastic spool
  • lace from my MIL
  • ribbon from my voluminous ribbon bins
  • button from my button jars
  • fabric from the stash
  • sheet music

Purchased for Spool Poetry 

  • Nothing 
Stash Bust for Pajamas

  • old red flannel sheet
  • lace from my MIL
  • thread on hand

Purchased for Pajamas

  • Simplicity Pattern 8488
For Fun and Because I Said I Had Lots of Red Tulle

I took down almost all the Christmas decorations. This my mantle as it looks right now. I used some bright red tulle on the swan - because it matches the bright red tulle on the other side of the room. 

I wrapped C7 LED bubbles around the stair rails and then wrapped it in red net from my MIL and also with red tulle from my MIL. Then I hung the ornaments using some white tulle from Dollar Tree. The ornaments make me happy. Last year, I shared the ornament that I bought for our first Christmas - it is a Russian artform known as golden khokhloma. I paid a lot for it at that time twenty years ago. I always meant to buy more but could never justify the price. Then they couldn't be found anywhere. Last year I spent many hours (and I am not exaggerating) looking for them on the internet. I found them this year for sale on Ebay - 21 for just under thirty, shipping was another ten. It is three sets of 7 so now each of the girls can have a set when they get married.

I took the mirrors down and cleaned them before I put up the nutcrackers for Christmas. I like the new arrangement of the mirrors - now I have a permanent record. :)


  1. Wonderful projects! such a special proverb.
    The nightgown is lovely! I need to make nightgowns too, thank you for the pattern idea.
    Your family of nutcrackers is grand!

  2. All of this is beautiful but I especially love the nightgown.

  3. Love the Russian baubles! Gorgeous. I say it lots, but you are so clever... :)

  4. You are inspiring me to look at my stash with an eye toward crafting without buying, and I could use new pjs myself...

  5. You got a great deal on the Russian ornaments that have now turned into family heirlooms. I just love the spool poetry!