Wednesday, January 02, 2013

snowmen redux

I do not know if you remember my first light shade/vanity bulb snowman - you can see her here. My Mom really liked her and I said I would make another pair so that both she and I could have one. I got as far as painting the shade and the light bulb and no further. Now they are done!

Stash Busts
  1. two glass light shades
  2. two burnt out vanity bulbs
  3. poinsettas and holly from the flower bin
  4. tulle from the vast quantity that my MIL gave me this summer
  5. two birds that were in the flower bin as well


  • nothing


  1. So, so cute!! wonderful use of on hand materials. The addition of the poinsettias are adorable!!!

  2. I really like the red accents! Great use of repurposed materials!

  3. Cute Melissa. I like the red tulle.

  4. Our stashes sound soooo similar. This gives me an idea!

  5. victoriapenny2:30 PM

    Hello Melissa,
    I was reading your July 8th page of last year, I think, and you had a lovely snowman picture there made out of recycled jigsaw pieces. Ive searched your blog and cant find any instructions on how to make him. Could you possibly help me as I would so love to have a go at making him. Thank you.