Wednesday, January 09, 2013

busy and healthy

The cans above were a small Christmas gift for my girls' piano teacher. I bought some fun, funky, binder clips for the small can and some nice pens for the larger can. She was tickled with her gift. 

I've been sewing place mats and napkins but I haven't photographed them yet. I'm also working on some other small projects and I've resumed embroidering the blanket I was making for my father-in-law. I find it hard to make time to take pictures of the stuff I've been working on because photographing the things I make always seems so much more like work than taking pictures of my garden, children, friends, or family. :)

We are healthy and hope to stay that way. I hope you are healthy when you read this and will continue to stay healthy.


  1. Such a beautiful handmade gift! You are busy, I have been slacking and uninspired, I hope it will change soon. I am so glad to hear you are healthy, there is a terrible h2n3 flu bug circulating in our parts. We have managed to avoid it so far.

  2. Love! Of course she loved them... I'm eager to see the progression of your stash busting year. It's a great idea but I don't have the creative juices to go for very long.

    I'm glad you told me where you were posting. I also don't have the creative mojo to figure it out myself!

    Your home looked beautiful for the holidays (no surprise there) and I want a nightgown just like your daughters in my size. I wonder if a king-size sheet would be big enough.. :)

    Blessings to you and your family this new year,

  3. Glad all of you are well. The flu is bad in the south and I am staying home where possible.

  4. What music teacher wouldn't be thrilled with that thoughtful gift! You rock, Melissa. We three are all healthy here so far and glad to hear the same of you. I am worried when my daughter goes back to MA as the flu is very widespread there with Boston already declaring a state of emergency.

  5. Darling always. You add the perfect touches. Wishing you and your family continued health. :)

  6. The cans will be perfect for all those little things (on top of the binder clips and writing implements).

    Yes, we've heard that the flu is really doing harm this year. Scary! Stay well okay?

  7. My oldest son and his wife are battling the flu. They both had the flu shot too.
    I'm staying in as much as possible. Wait. I do that all the time!
    Lately I've been stamping on dominoes. They were supposed to be Christmas gifts for women in my family, but I spent so much time trying to decide if they should be magnets, pins, or necklaces that I never got around to finishing them. Oh well.., I guess I'll be ahead for next time!
    Do stay healthy.