Monday, January 16, 2012

winner and slightly atypical babushkas

The winner -- of my little drawing to win the embroidery kit that will allow the winner to create something similar to this:

-- is Michele Pacey. I had two people enter and so I had C designate which person was heads, she designated Michele from Michele Made Me and Michele won the coin toss. Michelle - please email me your address and I will try to get the prize in the mail next week. I am afraid this week is out of the question as my husband and I are going on a little trip (just the two of us) to Mexico on Thursday.

Because of my mini-vacation, I will probably only post today. So before I leave, I share with you my babushkas.

These dolls are made from scraps of wool skirts, sweaters, fake fur, and flannel. I couldn't decide, if I liked them better with eyes or without. Unfortunately, I still can't decide. (I also sometimes swear they look more like Eskimos than babushkas).

I used the template for these darling embroidered and sewn babushkas from Wee Folk Art...I would like to follow her instructions sometime and include some embroidery but these were for the quick and easy thrill of saying: DONE!! I used a glue gun instead! :)

They hang above the sink in my kitchen. They look ready to help me out, don't you think?


Strictly Homemade Tuesday


  1. Those are soooo cute, Melissa! congrats to M.P. on the giveaway. Have a great time in sunny Mexico!

  2. Have a wonderful & safe trip! I like the babushkas both ways, too!

  3. The wee people are cute, glue guns kind of scare me. Congrats to the winner. olive

  4. Hooray Michele! The babushkas are darling. :)

  5. Oh I love your babushkas!!! Wee Folk Art has such great ideas, I am always amazed and they can be adapted in such fun ways like you have done. Your trip to Mexico sounds wonderful. We are going in March, but with the kids. Be safe and enjoy yourselves!

    PS congratulations to Michele, she is a such kind creative soul.

  6. COngrats to the winner! Caaute babushkas!!

  7. Yay me! I'll email you my address right away! Those babushkas are awesome and darn it, why not use a glue gun I say. I love calling things DONE.

  8. These are clearly little babushkas and I love them with eyes! They would be such cute little Christmas ornaments.

    Congrats to Michelle and to you! Going on a romantic holiday! How fun!


  9. They are so sweet, Melissa! I love babushkas. What a great way to bring them into your home. Thanks for the link!

    Congrats to the winners! I only wish my fingers were adept enough to embroider. My fine-motor skills are seriously lacking. ☺

    Have fun on your trip! Lucky girl! ☺

  10. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Super cute! Have a good trip! :)

  11. Love babouska dolls, my little notepad that I take to church is an applique babouska doll.

    I quite like them without eyes, but they are great with eyes.