Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Have Returned

My husband has worked for his current employer since Valentine's Day 1994. Over the years, his boss has organized team building seminars in Mexico. The spouses are invited as well. It has been a treat to do something we would not ordinarily do. It has been a double treat since we've had the girls as we never vacation without them.

This is the second time we've been to the Riviera Maya with Hub's business.

Our first few trips to Mexico, we took in Mayan ruins and did all the tourist things. Now we do the life-is-exhausting thing and we hang out at the all-inclusive and do nothing.

On our first morning we wandered down the beach and explored.

This is a view of the main resort complex from down the beach.

We saw many varieties of birds. However, since I did not have a suitable lens, I did not photograph many.

I am always amazed by the fascinating debris along a beach. Sometimes it is neat and sometimes it is sad.

There are abandoned hotels.

Lost shoes.

A long forgotten charm from some piece of cheap souvenir jewelry.

A faded and dilapidated car seat.

The remnants of a construction project.

There are sea weeds.

Tiny hermit crabs (he is sitting on my husband's palm).

And birds who clearly wonder why the obnoxious photographer isn't gone yet.

Naturally, a tropical beaches must have palm trees.

Of course, the photographer in me is always intrigued by the wide variety of people you find at a resort.

I leave you with a head shot of a mirrored mosaic mermaid. Our hotel had these mirrored mosaic mermaids throughout the breezeways and courtyards.

These are a few photos from day one. I will share two more days before I return to my regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I'm so excited you got to have a fun vacation! I've never been to Mexico, but I would vote for the all-inclusive relaxing version. :)

  2. Welcome back!! sounds like a splendid vacation. By the way, is that the Barcelo? I recognize those chess pieces! If so, we vacationed there a few years ago. The beach is beautiful and yes, it is kind of fun to people watch:)!

  3. Welcome back! You were missed. By me.

  4. That sounds like a fantastic vacation to me. Nothing like so rest and relaxation to get the mind and body back in shape.

    I've been gone for so long, but it's nice to be back. I'll have to go back to your older posts to catch up.

  5. Welcome back! Hugs & Blessings, Cindy

  6. What a terrific company your husband works for. It's so awesome that they include the family. My cousin's employeer does the same and I think it 's simply wonderful and says alot about the compnay.

    So glad you you all got to get away and relax from the mundane and dailies stressors of life. Loved seeing the photos!