Friday, January 27, 2012

My Second Day in Mexico

The next day, I got up early so that I could take morning photography - my experiences in Mexico have taught me that early morning is great for three reasons - the light is stupendous, the staff are busy at fascinating tasks, and the animals are more active or visible.

Isn't this cool - seeds are awesome and I love seeing sprouts. It is the first time I've seen a coconut sprout.

One of the many pools at the resort is listed as a pool for adults only. It is surrounded by these whimsical frog fountains.

My youngest thought is was extremely sad that hubs and I never did anything to warrant even the slightest possibility of need a life preserver. No - we never did go into the water. Not even once. Her response was "That's so sad! I would have been in the water the whole time!!"

Unfortunately, I can't swim and that puts a damper on my love of water.

At seven, the sun had not cleared the horizon and the only tourists who were out were people who were running or swimming for exercise.

The staff are busy with the myriad of jobs that keep a resort pleasant.

The trash that I photographed in the earlier pictures was not found on the beachfront of our hotel. These are the guys who made sure of that.

I found the raking of the beach a particularly interesting chore.

Not only did someone rake the beach but this lady swept the sand off all the chairs.

Apparently, something particularly nasty was spilled here.

As the sun rises above the horizon, guests start moving around.

The lizards start finding sunny rocks.

It is however, still cool of enough that this poor mangled butterfly held still long enough for me to take a photo.

Shadows are lovely when the sun hasn't climbed very high.

Of course, palm leaves themselves are quite fascinating.

Even though, there are plenty of blossoms in Mexico, I seldom take photos of them. The beach is a windy place and good macro photography doesn't work well in the wind.

I am going to show you this shot in color because I found the color combination very modern and startling.

If you are curious to see what kind of souvenirs I brought home for the girls, you can find them here.

If you are curious about what I did my first day in Mexico, you can check out my previous post.


  1. I couldn't wait for your to get back because I knew we would be treated to some spectacular photos. I was not disappointed!

  2. Oh the flower close ups are my favorites!

  3. Hey! Next time you go, I'll come along and hold the plants still for you!
    I'm kind like that.