Saturday, January 07, 2012

final bits and bobs from our Christmas at my parents

Some of you may remember my 100 snowmen project. I wanted to give my Mom all the snowman illustrations that the girls did. I had originally intended to put them in an album but some are rather bulky. So I decided to decorate a shoe box and had the girls illustrate it instead.

While we were at my Mom's we made these simple nativities from terra cotta pots.





Believe it or not, this blog has been around for five years and 1001 posts. If you are interested in my tiny give-away go to my previous post and enter.

While we were at my parent's, we put on K's latest popsicle stick puppet show. Mom, Dad, and C read the script that K wrote. K did the rest. For your viewing pleasure:


  1. Your clay pot Nativities are adorable, I hope to make a set with my daughters. My oldest and I just watched K's puppetshow - bravo, we loved it! Congratulations on keeping up this blog for 5 years that really is a significant accomplishment. I am glad I found it.

  2. I loved the "K's The First Christmas Puppet Show."

  3. you and your little ones are so talented... I just love to see all that you do with them...

  4. those nativities are so cute. i like that you each made one of your own.