Monday, December 05, 2011

candyland christmas trees (with nods to wonderland)

Without trying to bore anyone, I want to tell you what a wonderful woman you see here. D.E. is older than she looks or acts and we adore her.

We came to our new church after a difficult and very precipitous exit from our preceding church. I was lonely and prone towards depression.

I joined book club and met many women but it wasn't until when D.E. hugged me one night after I hosted book club in my home that I started to feel at home in our congregation.

Somewhere along the way, I started turning towards D.E. and her husband as 'local' grandparents for the girls (as we have no family near us).

For the past two summers we have visited them frequently (as often as once a week when the washing machine is broke). I embroider and visit with D.E. and the girls play her husband, J.E.

School keeps us busy and so I don't get to see them as often as I wish so I called them on Saturday and asked if we could visit and bring a craft.

So together, the four of us glued little discs onto cones that used to hold yarn (cones, that her husband gave me because he loves to give me craft challenges and he saw those cones as a great craft supply and a fun challenge).

We visited and enjoyed each others company and soon the girls were complaining because this really wasn't a particularly exciting craft and they would rather play with J.E.

But aren't the trees darling? I found the idea at hutch studio via Pinterest.

The tacky but cute Alice in Wonderland figures are a treasure a friend gave me when she was cleaning her basement.

We learned a few things working on this project. A.) Book pages would be a lot easier to punch than the marbleized card stock that we used (the marbleized card stock is from several shaving cream marblization craft episodes). B.) That said, I am thankful for my circle punches. C.) Book pages would be easier to glue than stiff card stock because it would conform to the cone shape more easily. D.) Glitter covers a multitude of sins. E.) I am now going to start hoarding corrugated cardboard. F.) If you are going to do this the hard way, Aleene's Tacky Glue is definitely the best.

I quite adore how they turned out and am loathe to give D.E. her tree!!

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  1. Oh! I do love these, Melissa! What a sweet way to spend the afternoon. We had some adopted grandparents as next-door-neighbors. There are some wonderful memories I treasure when spending time with them. Thanks for sharing today. Happy Monday! ☺

  2. These are absolutely precious and what a lovely story to go along with them.

  3. I really love how these turned out. How blessed you are to have found these wonderful friends.

  4. They are darling and I am glad you found this friend. Where would we be if other women did not support us?

  5. Super cute ! I think I will try this with Bug

  6. Those are wonderful!!

  7. These trees are so beautiful and such a touching post. I love that DE was able to create this with your daughters, crafting across generations and it is wonderful you have found such a kindred spirit in your church.
    Also, the round bases to the trees are a very nouch touch.

  8. Those trees are adorable! Glitter does add such a nice touch. What a blessing to have an extra (and local!) set of grandparents for your girls. We had an extra Grandma growing up (from our church too) as we also lived a long way from grandparents. She is still an important part of my life and my kids life at 97 years old.

  9. They are so pretty. I've just joined pintrest myself, but I'm not quite sure where to start with it.