Saturday, December 03, 2011

boxing season II

Several years ago, I picked up one of those copies of The Hobbit that went with that dreadful animated move. I actually kind of like the frames as illustrations - it is just the movie was terrible.

I am finally tearing it up for boxes. Ironically, the book actually has an inscription in it that says "Happy Birthday!! Tim!!" (my hubs name)

The graphic on this box came from an old embroidery magazine my sister gave me.

If you like Nutcrackers, my nutcracker collection is on my other blog.


  1. I agree the movie was terrible, but oh, how you've captured beauty in the remnants! Those little girls are adorable. They go perfectly with the sheet musice. Very nice! Happy Monday! ☺

  2. Sweet boxes Melissa, I especially like the twiggy touch.