Friday, May 13, 2011

May Day, Mother's Day, and Still Cleaning

We made these May Baskets with the class at school. The basket is a doily made rigid with ModgePodge and shaped over a bottle. It is fun to see how some kids are grossed out by getting ModgePodge all over the doily and squeezing it out while others think it is  the coolest ever.

The flowers are made using paper that I marbleized with the kids (they used the papers from this project for their Mother's Day gift too). I bought a variety of floral punches as well as a star punch and a snowflake punch at a variety of craft stores for this project.

The center of the flower are little suckers.

The Mother's Day project was special. I took photo silhouettes of the kids. I asked their parents to send in frames that would coordinate with their decor. Then I cut silhouettes for each kid using the photo and then we glued the silhouettes to the marbleized papers that the kids made. (We used the shaving cream method of marbleizing for this project - we love it and I would highly recommend it).

The kids also got to decorate their own gift bags. I bought a bunch of gift bags at Dollar Tree. I also bought a bunch of silk flowers at DT and raided my stash. I dismantled the flowers and let the kids design their own custom flowers. They could use gems or pompoms for the centers of their blossoms.

On Mother's Day, we told the girls that we are planning to switch over to traditional homeschooling next fall. I was pleased with the girls' responses. C was quiet but didn't get upset and has expressed much interest in the details of homeschooling. K is thrilled to bits and is so excited she can hardly wait.

The plan to homeschool is why I've been trying to get rid of so much stuff in the basement - it is a huge and difficult chore for me and I honestly don't know when I will have progressed far enough with it to feel like I can blog more regularly.

I tried a couple times this week to comment on blogs but blogger wouldn't let me. It looks like the issue is gone so hopefully I will stop by and visit your blog sometime in the next day or two.

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  1. Those are sweet Melissa...I love the silhouttes too. Best of Luck homeschooling...glad the girls were excited!

  2. The baskets are fantastic! I hadn't realized mod podge could be used in that fashion. Good luck with your homeschooling plans. With preschool going so well this year, it is something I would definitely consider for my family.

  3. Cute, cute, cute!
    I do believe that you will LOOOOVE homeschooling. I love it even more now that it's over and I can look back on it fondly. At the time, however, it seem overwhelming.

  4. I know they will love homeschooling Melissa. What a grand opportunity for them. Love the flower baskets. I can't seem to blog much because I am digging in the dirt. hugs♥O

  5. What great Mother's Day gifts. The marbleized paper is a really nice foil for the black silhouettes.

    How is traditional home-schooling different from what you are doing now? Is it more structured, more autonomous...?

  6. Melissa... I have to say... I think you are the most creative (non stop) person I have ever seen. Seriously! These are awesome projects. Love the silhouettes!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  7. Love the little purses you made, and I like how you let the kids create their own flowers as opposed to just slapping on pre-made ones:)

    I understand all about mucking out and cleaning up, need to get going on that again myself. Eventually those piles will get smaller though, and you are doing it for a great cause! Exciting times, will make for many great memories and an amazing opportunity to build an even stronger relationship with your girls:)

    Thanks for your sweet comments, I appreciate them! I know I've not been around much lately, and it means a lot that you keep stopping by for updates. I hope to start posting more regularly soon, and I'm sure once things get more settled you will too.

  8. Those are darling projects! Such sweet and sentimental gifts. Kudos to you for home schooling and Wiishing you all the best
    *hugs* deb

  9. What great projects and love all the uses for the marbelized paper. The silhouettes turned out great!

  10. The silhouettes are so pretty, and I'm off to check out the instructions for that as well as the marbleizing technique. :)

  11. I love homeschooling my kids. I done it for 9 years. I wouldn't want it any other way! I wish you the best of luck.

    You little paper flowers are the cutest and so clever too. And I can't leave without telling you how I love the use of marble paper as a background to the kids silhouettes. I've done the shaving cream marbling before with my kids and they thought is was so cool. I still have some paper leftover. I may have to borrow your idea :D

  12. Love the May Day Baskets and Mother's Day gifts! I'm definitely going to have my kids make these next year. I'm sure their Grandmothers will love them!

    How cool to homeschool your kids. Glad to see that they're excited too!

  13. Great bags, flowers and silouhettes!
    Good luck with the homeschooling! I'm sure you and your girls will love it and reap the benefits!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  14. Your projects, as always are beautiful, I am going to remember to try silhouettes on marbelized paper, I have been wanting to try the shaving cream method for so long! I just looked at your photo gallery and the carrot top! how great, thanks for letting me know. It will be nice to get your space in order for your homeschool. It must be exhausting, we have also been working on our basement to make a space for our girls, but the 10 years of neglect is overwhelming.

  15. All of your projects are great! I ♥ those little candy flowers. Tooo cute Ü

    Thanks for stopping by Pittypat Paperie and leaving a nice comment. I hope you will drop by again soon.

  16. those doily baskets sure are pretty, what a cool project for kids. That's great that you will be able to homeschool, for some reason I thought you were already doing that.

  17. I love the silhouettes on marble paper. So unique!! I am thrilled for you to have decided to go to traditional homeschooling. It takes an amazing person to homeschool...I am not one of them. Also, best wishes to you as you clean out. In that reguard we are much alike...we keep everything!! You can do it and you will feel so light once everything is cleaned out!!! Take care!

  18. Your Mother's Day crafts are adorable, Melissa! I really miss being able to do things like that with my kids. But at 27 & 24 they just aren't interested anymore. lol But my granddaughter will be old enough soon to craft with! YAY!

    How exciting that you will be homeschooling! I homeschooled my two to graduation. I loved having them with me all the time, and it really strengthened the bond of love we have for one another. Bless you!

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage