Thursday, December 01, 2011

boxing season!! ;)

For those who have followed my blog awhile, you will know that this means it is box making season. Here are three recent creations.

Yesterday, while I was sharing nativities, I forgot to share these.

This is a magnetic nativity I made a few years back using a cardboard Usborne Nativity Book. Where are the family, worshipers and animals? Waiting to be put on. We put one on every night during Advent.

I got our Christmas books and found this pop-up nativity that I ordered from my favorite place for inexpensive books, Daedalus Books.

They used famous paintings of the nativity to create the characters for this creche.

To see what else came out of the Christmas Book Box check out my other blog (there is, actually, another nativity involved among other things! :)

I will be sharing this at:

Strictly Homemade Tuesday


  1. I like how you use scrabble letters on your box. I really like the anchor box. I was thinking of you today as I was making a snowman with toilet paper cardboard as part of my Upcycle series. :)

  2. I LOVE your boxes! They are darling. :)

    We just have one Willow Tree Nativity. But I make sure it is front and center. I still need to add a piece to it this year.... Hey! You are super smart about this kind of stuff... I need some palm trees for it... any ideas? :)

    Thanks for coming by and entering the Nell Hill Book give away.


  3. Love the sailing box best!

  4. Love your boxes!! so creative!! I loved pop up books when I was little...they seemed so magical.
    I like the idea of adding pieces to the nativity each day.

  5. Hmm...does it sound silly to say I like the one with sticks the best?

  6. Your boxes are really cute! Thanks for sharing your link at my carnival!