Tuesday, November 08, 2011

more batik

We have a huge lazy susan in the middle of our dining room table. Most of the time our two beta live on the island along with a seasonal arrangement. At the moment, there is no seasonal arrangement. Rather there are three ant farms that I made for the girl's science.

I don't like the wood on the lazy susan to get scratched or suffer from water. In the past, I've appliqued a couple different mats for the lazy susan.

I've decided that since the girls and I love to batik that we could make mats for the lazy susan, which would save me from having to figure out where to hang our artwork. The mats you see below are our cooperative efforts (I do the gluing but we share with the rest).

This one we can put on after Thanksgiving for Christmas (we aren't quite satisfied with how this one turned out and we might try again).

The next mat we can use after the beginning of the year as we strive to survive a long Minnesota winter.

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  1. These look awesome.

  2. That's a great idea to have changeable mats!

  3. Turned out wonderful! What a great idea to make a lazy susan mat and change it up for the seasons.

  4. the mats are sweet! I'm definitely going to have to try out Gail's batik method with my little one. Looks like fun!

  5. They both are delightful!! But I'm partial to snowflakes! ;)

  6. Melissa, thanks for the support. It's been a long 20 days, but a very rewarding time.

    These mats are stunning. I followed the link to your other blog and then on to the tutorial. I am inspired! This is definitely something the girls and I will do. I really love what you are doing here and enjoy visiting. I never leave without inspiration. To me, that's what this is all about.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. That looks like fun! We are also experiencing a MN winter- at least it feels like winter already with all the snow we have gotten this week! We are loving it except for the slipperyness of the roads.