Tuesday, November 22, 2011

coasters, mug rugs, drink mats?

The girls and I started these at the same time that I made the batik pillows and have worked on them periodically since. There are 36 of these whimsical little coasters.

They are made of duck cloth, recycled denim, and even one of hub's old shirts. They are backed with fleece. I zig-zagged them because I wanted the whimsical 'framed' look and because all the materials fray and I hope that these will fray nicely.

These will be bundled up in groups and tied with twine. Then I will add this note:

lucky you!
you just received a set of handmade batik coasters
from c, k, and melissa
made from a variety of materials including old shirts,
old jeans, and duck cloth
they are designed to fray with wear and tear

these coasters are washable
the batik method uses a washable glue so if, perchance the artisans did not remove all the glue, do not worry it will wash right off your cups and mugs
if it happens to stick to them

irregularities in size and quality only prove that they were handmade with love

They will be given to teachers, friends and others who we want to give little gifts to this Christmas.

It took a bit of time. :)

By the way, if you like to look at loads of my pictures that involve children and animals - you can see our trip to Como Zoo and Conservatory over on my homeschool blog.

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  1. There are going to be some very lucky friends of yours at Christmas time! They are beautiful.

  2. These are beautiful Melissa. I can imagine them softening over time which will only add to their beauty.

  3. Love this look Melissa. all that time was worth it.

  4. Such a wonderful gift idea, Melissa! So pretty too. What a sweet way to celebrate friends. Every time they use them, they'll think of you and your girls. ☺ Thanks for sharing. Off to check out your fab photos. Happy Tuesday! ☺

  5. Very sweet gift for some lucky friends!

  6. I love batik! These are way cute, great idea for a family-project gift.

  7. These are lovely gift ideas. I'm sure they will be treasured. I love the batik designs.

  8. They're lovely. So pretty and colourful.

  9. Those are so cute and I love what you are putting on your tag!

    Thanks for sharing the link over at my Handmade Christmas Carnival!
    If you would be willing to link back to my blog here on your blog I would love that!

  10. This is perfect! Anyone who gets these will be so happy. You are teaching the girls to be generous, thrifty and thoughtful! :)

    I hope you guys have a Blessed Thanksgiving!