Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nativity Week 2

This week's group shot was of the actual stable scene - this year I tried something different and have Mary and Joseph sitting with everyone gathered around them - rather than have them standing. I am not sure if I like it - they rather get lost in the crowd.

The wisemen are wearing crowns I made from plastic canvas and covered with fleece - then I glued 'gems' on them. They are all three wearing 'skirt' robes. The two on the right have tasseled table runners from Dollar Tree over their shoulders as mantles.

I used to have this little guy's older sister in Sunday School. She wouldn't talk to anyone. He will talk with the other little boys and will do the actions to songs but will not talk to the adults. Today he talked to me because I gave him one of the wisemen's gifts and he wanted a different one - specifically this big trunk. :) It used to hold dvds in our living room.

Daniel comes running in for the photos today and says "I want to be the donkey." Tell me he isn't the cutest donkey you've ever seen.

I know, I know. Lots of pictures of the angels - but I think they are such cute little girls...


  1. So much inspiration in this photoshoot and joy and wonder. Those crowns are so special, I love all of the embellishment and yes that is a very, very cute little donkey.

  2. The photos are just lovely. What a glorious event.

  3. They're beautiful. We still have our flower wreaths you sent us! :)

  4. This just makes me feel all Christmas-y!
    Great photos. And what a BEAUTIFUL bunch of children!

  5. Simply darling!!!

    Re. the grommets, they are rubber so I just kind of folded them in half and pushed a corner into the hole in the lid. Once I had the lid in the "track" I wiggled and pushed and sweet talked (my story and I'm sticking to it!)the rest of it in all the way around. They actually went in pretty wasy. They don't fit real tight so that prob helped.
    Hope I explained that well enough. Yes I should have taken pics...

  6. OOO I should mention be careful when inserting the grommet, the lid holes edges are sharp!

  7. These are some of the best photos of children I've seen. I love that shot of Mary & Joseph!

  8. Those photos are awesome. And the donkey! He is just too adorable! I am a sucker for chubby cheeked cherubs!

  9. These are darling! I love the little girls too! :)