Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ugly Truth (if you love me don't look)

I am participating in a Stash Bust and part of the deal is to share the gory details of my stash.

My main storage also knows as Willow's Room (it was where we kept our deceased greyhound's food and kennel).

The laundry room which is where i do any crafting that requires painting or gluing. The box directly opposite is my deep freeze so I have to shift stuff whenever I get into it (which is at least three times a week).

On the right hand side you can see my dryer, washing machine, and utility sink. I throw towels over my washing machine and use it as my work surface - I stand for all my messy crafting.

My sewing area, which when I can be bothered (when I am not obsessed with crafting, reading, photography, or other important stuff) does actually get cleaned and look better than this occasionally.

All three of these areas are in the basement as well as four bookshelves and random stacks of books and our computer (no, I do not own a laptop and this computer is nine years old).


  1. It looks lovely to me.

  2. Looks normal to me, too!

  3. Wow, looks like home to me! I can honestly say if you went upstairs in my house right now, it doesn't look much different. Wait, who am I kidding, the downstairs is only slightly better! I have to stop once in a while and organize and cull through things. Its painful, but necessary!

  4. I've seen worse. ;-)
    Love the bottle collection on the bookshelves.

  5. *chuckle* looks like you have enough to keep busy a looong time!

  6. I craft in my "laundry room", too, though it is on the main floor. Throw towels, over it, also! My supplies are in the basement, laundry room & have now taken over an unused shower in the bathroom! I love your space!

  7. I love seeing the "real" you. :) We crafter/sewers have to work where we can. At least (hopefully) it keeps things from flowing into the nicer looking parts of the house. Thanks for the tour. Very fun! Lisa~