Monday, March 21, 2011

Crafting with my Girls

Eggshell snowmen (I am truly obsessed). These were fun. I liked seeing the girls express their unique styles with these.

K has been drawing lots of March lions and lambs so I thought we would do these fun hand prints. The fleece is cotton balls and the mane is noodles. I am afraid the tail on C's lion (below) slipped.

Because I didn't show these at Thanksgiving and the lion and lamb hand prints made me think of him - here is a turkey.

K's egg.

I busted into the stash of marbleized papers that the girls and I have made in the past. Today the girls and I made Easter Eggs from our marbleized papers.

C's egg.

My egg.

I didn't share this camouflaged octopus that C made last fall. The marbleized papers made me think of him so I thought I would share him too.

A Tiny Announcement: I am going to try to create a hundred unique styles of snowmen by the end of the year. These snowmen bring the count to three.


  1. The egg shell snomen are too cute and the marbelized paper is so pretty. Have a great week. I am sending you warm temps...I promise.

  2. Looking forward to your many snowmen! If I can take photos, I'll have a few models to share with you...

  3. Woo Hoo! I'll be watching for those snowmen! Very cute eggs & hand paintings!

  4. I miss those days! Enjoy crafting with them as much as possible...they tend to grow up..darn kids!
    Looking forward to your snowmen!

  5. Aw, love all those crafts!! Especially the hand print lion with the curly pasta, so cute!! I would love it if you would link up to my Marvelous Mess party!! I will pick one project to feature on my sidebar for a week!!

  6. I love crafting with my kids!! What fun you guys have been up too. I love the eggshell snowmen. My kids would LOVE that.

  7. You always have the best crafting ideas, Melissa! xxxx