Monday, March 14, 2011

solanum tuberosum and numismatists

Some of you may remember from Christmas that my father-in-law collects coins and is therefore a numismatist. His birthday is this coming Saturday. So I embroidered an image of a coin and made him this container (which we put some of his favorite mixed nuts in) for his birthday. I am rather proud of the idea of using corduroy for the ridges of the coin. :)

Since I was using the big word numismatist in the title of this post, I decided to look up the latin name for potatoes. :)

Here is an update of our St Paddy's day leprechauns. The girls love it when the potatoes start sprouting. It makes for great warts, don't you think?

PS this container is not one of the containers I was referring to last week...

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  1. So cute, and thoughtful! Have a great Monday!

  2. I LOVE the coin box and yes, I agree the use of that material for the edge of the coin was brilliant!

  3. Oh. My. You continue to AMAZE me!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the coin box - the corderoy is BRILLIANT!

    And I just might need a potato head. Had I not checked in here today I may never have known that.

  4. Beautiful embroidery, Melissa! I bet your FIL will just love it. :o) Those leprechauns are adorable.

    PS...I actually knew the Latin name for the potatoes. It was the numismatists that stumped me. :o) Great post! Happy Monday! :o)

  5. The potatoes are fabulous(!), and the box such a thoughtful gift.

  6. That box is fantastic! He will love it. The idea for the sides is so clever. I love it!

    Those potato heads crack me up. LOL! Lisa~

  7. What an awesome idea for the box. I can;t possibly embroider like this but this could be done with a stencil - I'm tucking this away in my head for the future!! and your taters crack me up :)

  8. The container if fab! He us going to love it!! My Dad was a numismatist also. He would have liked something like this too.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  9. Love the container and I'm sure your dad will too. The corduroy on the sides is ingenious, keep tooting that horn. ;)

    The potatoes are hilarious, it is projects like this that have me excited to see my kids get older.

  10. Hi Melissa, the box looks fabulous. I think the corduroy was a clever touch as well. I linked to this today on My Crafty Weekend, thanks for sharing!