Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Super Simple Changeable Wreath

Take 1.5 yards or more of fabric. Fold two of the corners in towards the center, overlapping as much as necessary.

Wrap around your wreath kind of like a sling.

I wasn't sure how to photograph the last step. You take the ends and cross them through the middle of the wreath and then tie them on the outside.

I think this would have looked really cool with a longer length of fabric so that the tails hang but this fabric wasn't very cheap.

We celebrated the Fourth on the third at our next door neighbor's house. They throw a big shindig every year and last year we went. They host a big ladder ball tournament. Players are teamed by lot and everyone throws a couple of dollars in the pot. The tournament is two pools with double elimination.

Last year me and my partner won after losing and coming from the bottom of our bracket (my first time playing ladder ball). So this year we were asked to defend our title. We won again (this time without losing a single match). They plan to split us up next year.
My teammate is the guy in the plaid. The guy on the far right is the host of the party. His partner was his dad.

Hubs getting throwing his ball (the guy in the shorts).

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  1. I love the way you guys celebrate the 4th of July so passionately. We are slowly getting more patriotic over here but we need to keep working on it! Well done for winning again this year!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  2. That sounds/looks like a lot of fun! Well done for holding onto your title!!

  3. What a fun tradition, and what an easy way to make a quick festive wreath! Thanks for your comment!