Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the hat I made for me

The hat I made for myself!! Remember the zipper rose I made? It found itself a new home, I think it is perfect for this hat!!

Ooops, sorry about that!! The band is folded under a bit. Hubs isn't fond of taking pictures, so oh, well!!

You know, I wouldn't consider myself a particularly vain person but I have decided that soft-focus is definitely my friend. I am knocking the door on forty this year and next year will be the big 4-0 and I am realizing that my skin is pretty tough looking.

For those who might be interested the pattern is Newlook 6522 and the hat is view B. I think I am going to definitely make more hats. This was so easy and fun and if you wear hats as I do, you realize hats can be spendy (not as spendy as shoes perhaps - but still spendy).

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  1. That is awesome! I love it of course it is red AND a hat so of course I love it. :) And I just realized that you are almost exactly the same age as my hubby. His birthday is this next month and he will be 39.

  2. Wow! That is a LOVELY hat!

    I wish I could wear hats. But as soon as I try, even in the DEAD of winter, suddenly my scalp feels like it is infested with billions of tiny biting bugs. It isn't, nor has it ever been, but I still cannot stand it.

    (no hat now, and my scalp is doing it just because of the thought!)

  3. Ooh, the hat and flower are a match made in heaven - they take each other to another level! So posh yet charmingly boho.

  4. The hat looks perfect! It looks great on you too. Love the color :-)

    I started a linky party called Small Treasure Tuesdays, you could link this up :-)

  5. Oh it's a PRETTY one! That color is awesome. The rose on the side is ADORABLE. Looking great!!
    Have a happy evening. xx

  6. Cute hat and the rose is darling too! I have some left over zippers and may try this one day


  7. Great hat! Turned 40 this year and it isn't so bad, actually a pretty great club to be part of :)

  8. I love it. It really makes those blue eyes sparkle.

  9. Both hats came out great! I used to love wearing hats, but now since I keep my thinning hair permed, it usually doesn't work out so well. I wish I was knocking on the door of 4-0, LOL!

  10. That is a lovely hat! And that zipper rose is so beautiful. Who would have guessed you can make something so nice out of a zipper!

  11. Great hat! You look fabulous! Love the red and the zipper rose..
    I can't wear hats, I love them but mostly they just don't look right on me..

  12. Looks great, I love the color (and it looks wonderful on you too!).

  13. The hat is very cute, and you look awesome for almost-40!